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Off the Charts

After an especially crummy day yesterday, the child guy I’m dating took me to dinner at my favorite pub. Yes, he’s of legal drinking age. Barely. I know I really should have a blog name for him, but I typically use people’s initials and his initials are bad luck for me, and seeing them on a constant basis would make me even more superstitious than I already am.

I don’t recall the exact comment I made, but he called me difficult. Me? Difficult? I should have been more offended than I was, but I’m fully aware of how difficult I can be so I just shook it off.

Later that night, however, I just couldn’t shake his observation. I couldn’t decide if he was calling me difficult in a joking matter, or if he was serious. I called and asked him, “On a scale of one to ten, ten obviously being the highest, how difficult am I?”

Without a moment of hesitation he replied, “I’d say 6.5-7.” I was crushed. Anything above a four is of concern. Then again, I know if I called and asked my mom the same question she would tell me I was of the charts at a 99.5 on a scale of one to ten. Somehow knowing that put it all into perspective and I didn’t take away his Pokemon cards as punishment.


  • You are a better woman than me…I would’ve taken away his Pokemon cards AND his Wii priveledges.

  • Not that you asked, but I would put you at more like an 8. And seriously, how young is this guy?

  • If you’re cute then you are allowed to be more difficult. Since you are cute you could be up to a 8.5 and still be dateable.

  • Pffff. Please. If you were even remotely “difficult” you wouldn’t have a favourite pub. High maintenance chicks don’t do pubs.

    /sweeping generalization

  • you are difficult.. in an extremely endearing way. You require a fun type of maintenance!

  • Difficult means intelligent and knowing what one wants and settling for no less. Being called difficult is much less painful than being left BECAUSE you’re difficult. You know you’re difficult, why fault him for calling you out on it? He kinda rocks for doing so.

  • I think you should hold a contest entitled:

    Name That Youngin’.

    The winning entry becomes the new name of your man-cub.

  • Ha! Karen, I think you just named him. He’s Mowgli aka The Man Cub from “The Jungle Book.” Perfect!

  • “The Man Cub”–I fucking love it!!

  • If he knows you’re difficult and he’s still around – it’s a good sign. Trust me.

  • Seems you were very restrained, then.

  • i actually started to feel a little sorry for the guy when i read the world child! if it was a man dating a younger woman 4ish years would be nothing, so why does it matter when its flipped!?

  • and by world, i mean word.

  • hmmmmm I rarely respond but just some insight…
    I usually date men that are younger..however I would NEVER refer to them as a child or boy. If they are not a man why bother?
    Referring to a man especially someone younger as a boy or child means you lack respect for them…and yourself. Be proud that he likes you and that it works for you guys. That is all that matters. Nothing more!!!

  • What is your favourite pub? I’ve recently started frequenting drinking establishments, and am shopping for a regular one.

  • Lisa – AMEN sistah

  • Welcome to Club HiMai. The view is awesome.

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