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Oh Snap

Yesterday while lunching with Rlo and Milinda at Red Rock a man walked by our table and snapped his fingers at Rlo. I was stunned. I thought I was the only one allowed to snap at Rlo. It turns out they knew each other from a previous life–one where Rlo worked at a gym, or worked out at a gym. I’m a bit foggy on the details because my wine was so very tasty, but I do remember the word gym being uttered repeatedly. I think I picked up on it purely out of guilt– they were discussing exercise as I stole fries from Rlo’s plate.

When Rlo introduced us the guy mentioned I looked very familiar to him. I hate this. I think peoples sometimes recognize me from the column but can’t place how they know me. I gave him my standard reply, “I get around. A lot.” He looked taken aback and gave me a half laugh. Whatevs. I think it’s funny, FUNNY BECAUSE IT’S TRUE! In fact, I’m quite sure that’s what my mom writes about me in her Christmas newsletter: Sarah gets around and she’s STILL in college. We love her anyway.


  • He looked taken aback??

    Never trust a guy who doesn’t recognize an opportunity when it’s presented to him.

    I think I read that in a fortune cookie or something.

  • You win for use of the word, “Whatevs”

  • Good thing you get around, otherwise we might not know each other…through sex, or otherwise.

  • How was sex and the city? Was it good? It comes out here thursday…. cant wait!

  • #1 I stole your Crown Burger picture and posted it on my blog.
    #2 I saw sex and the city last Thursday at midnight, which is before you saw it, which makes me the bigger fan
    #3 I wish I were Rlo so we could go to Red Rock together. Its rare that I meet someone funnier than me.



  • Curry to a piss head

    You are so full of shit, this page makes my colon look like God’s bathroom floor.

  • Haven’t been up to commenting lately – but still reading and enjoying your blog.. and your humor.

  • I love that that is your standard response.

    I can’t use that here in the small town I live in. I might attract the wrong kind of attention and I have to live here…for a long time.


  • Either he was Mormon, or he’s gay (or both) to not take advantage of that obvious opening.

    Also, does God have to go to the bathroom? If so, what the hell use is it to be God if you still have to do that?

  • As a friend of Sarah’s it’s always fun to guess which ex-boyfriend leaves the anonymous shitty comments on her posts.

  • Miss Britt: He did look a bit surprised. I think it had something to do with the fact those were the first words out of my mouth.

    Kiesha: Woofuckinghoo! What do I win? Please say cupcakes.

    Pants: Indeed.

    Lozza: It was brilliant! My column on Thursday talks more about it, but no worries, I won’t ruin the movie.

    Michelle: 1) You’re welcome. 2) I don’t think it makes you a bigger fan, it just makes you crazier. This girl needs her rest. 3) You don’t need to be Rlo, you just need to bribe me with cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes.

    Curry: Are you having a crummy day and taking it out on my blog? What is it dear? Ugly and can’t get laid? That sucks. BUT, I love the colon comparison. In fact, it gives me a great idea for a new masthead! Thanks!

    Kate: Thanks darlin’! Wondered where you’d gone.

    Craig: Not all the men I meet are gay, just Rlo. AND NO YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM! Good call on God’s bathroom habits. Trolls are the worst, but often entertaining.

    A.: Honey I don’t think this one is an ex. I think it’s just some kid in his mom’s basement, or a bitch I pissed off at some point.

  • Not all the men I meet are gay, just Rlo. AND NO YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM!


    Good call on God’s bathroom habits. Trolls are the worst, but often entertaining.

    Yeah, that has to be one of the most entertaining comparisons I’ve ever read. But seriously, if God can’t seem to magick his shit out of his ass without having to use a toilet, then that’s one lame God. Seriously.

    Also, I’m somewhat disturbed by the advertisement to “Front Sight Firearms Training Institute” with a picture of a handgun. It’s just kind of creepy. (Not that I’m blaming you – just an observation).

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