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Oh so Pretty

My niece and nephew’s mom emailed me to share this story:

Hannah took one of her many cell phones to school for show-n-tell.  In the car she decided it necessary to make some calls. Sarah being first on the list.  She started talking to you about how she was annoyed that I made her wear socks to school today vs. her flip-flops (she even rolled her eyes as I watched her through the rear-view mirror). Then she started telling you how pretty you are and how she wants to be pretty like you.  Then she said, “I know Sarah, I’m very pretty too.”    Carter stepped in and told me, “Actually, I think Aunt Sarah is pretty”.

Let me tell you, it couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m currently having a fat week, an ugly week, a zit week and to top it all off a bad hair week.  Needless to say, I’m not feeling at all pretty this week.  Kids are as honest as they come so if they think I’m pretty I’m set.


  • Lucky…

    No one told me I’m pretty today…

  • It’s always nice to receive an honest compliment.

  • Oh Carter. Oh Hannah. How such friendly stories make me regret the mug of beer I once so rudely forced upon your hands in the name of laughter. 🙁 Can you forgive a poor old pheasant’s mistake?

    “Actually, I think Uncle Trollpop is handsome.”

    I long for the day!

  • I hate it when I have a fat, ugly, zitty, bad hair week!

    Your niece is too precious!

  • You’re gorgeous!

    I haven’t had a breakout in years, only an occasional zit here or there. But this week, my face is on strike apparently. Just as things are getting good with the cute deputy too! Argh. But the new crush is doing wonders for suppressing my appetite.

    But seriously, you are gorgeous!

  • I feel yah. I’m having a fat week, too and could use an honest compliment.

    But damn girl, you are hot. Hope next week is better.

    PS~ Thinking about it now, you’re totally fishing for compliments on the internet, aren’t you?!

  • I’m sorry you are having an off week, Sarah. Hopefully you’ll have a better time of it next week.

    Nieces are so sweet when they say they want to grow up and be like you. I’ve got 3 of my own and all three are way prettier than I could ever be!

    Have a nice weekend.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I’m not just having a fat week, I’m having a fat LIFE, and today I came out of my bedroom dressed in a lime green t-shirt and brown sweatpant capris (go ahead and laugh, I wasn’t going anywhere so I dressed for comfort) and the first thing my daughter said to me was “Oh Mom! You look so CUTE today! Kind of like an Andes mint!”

    It made me smile all the same.

  • Aren’t kids awesome? Their honesty can be brutal, but it is complete.

    Example: “Aunt Claire, your hair is beautiful!”

    (wait for it)

    “You look like a shiny bird!”

    I’m not sure what The Little Emperor meant by this, but I took it as a compliment, as he was grinning when he said it – and hey, I’ll take what I can get.

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