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One of Those Days

Monday was quite possibly the worst day I’ve had in months.  I think it was partly due to some lingering sadness over my favorite sister-in-law Holli being so visibly gone from our lives, and partly because sometimes life fucking sucks.

I know, I know… “Suck it up Sarah.”  But for once I don’t want to.  We all have those days, right?  RIGHT?

Rather than sucking it up I called a friend of mine who, despite the situation, always has the ability to cheer me up.

“I need to talk.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I hate my life.  Everything is wrong and I’m just tired of going at it alone every single day.”

“Specifics, Sarah, we can talk through this.”

“It’s dreadfully hot in my apartment, and suddenly I’m regretting my decision not to move in with my brother.  I have this stupid rash on my legs that not only won’t go away but also is making me so itchy I’m afraid I am going to scratch my skin off.  I had a bad day at work and wanted to walk out and never return.  I was well on my way to my math class and was in such a foul mood I knew I’d likely throw a book at the professor if he told me to plug and chug one more time, so I turned around and drove back home.  Once I got home I realized I was alone. Just like I am every single day of my life and for once I wasn’t OK with it.”

“Sarah, you’re beautiful, smart, clever, and the most comical woman I know.  Many people would love to have your life.”

“Well can you find one of those people and I’ll trade them?  Pick one who has AC, a dishwasher, a sexy husband who can cook, a pool, skinny thighs and a flat tummy.”

“Yeah, let me get right on that one.”


  • Being cronically single myself, I’ve had those days too. It gets better, right?

  • oh, if i may be so bold:

    there are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. –carl jung

  • Oh Sarah, you know you can always come camp out at my house if you’re lonely. We can sit and drink our troubles away with wine and juicy gossip.

  • If it makes you feel better, life isn’t always great even when you have someone! Sometimes, in fact, they can make it worse for you!

  • We all have days like that…and man they suck.

    Hope tomorrow’s better.

  • “When spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking.” Arthur Conan Doyle

    Works for me. :)

    Until you get flat.

  • I’m with Kelli A. – life isn’t always great when you have someone.
    It does though give you someone to blame. :op

    I hate days like that – and I’m sorry you had such a shitty day.

    About the rash on your legs- I had a rash once, on both legs.. and I was like you – I thought I’d scratch my skin right off. And the worst advice I got was “don’t scratch” Fuck! If they had my itching, they would know how wrong that advice was!

    I went to my doctor – who referred me to a dermatologist. Turns out I had some skin problem – temporary. Doc did a biopsy – gave me cream – and no more rash.

    So… my suggestion to you would be to call the doctor sooner than later. I waited a month, then saw the doc 2-3 times before he referred me to the skin doc – all of this time I was itching like mad. So, the sooner you go, the sooner you get relief!

    And as for no air – I’ve been there too. And it just plain sucks! I used to sit naked on my couch and eat popsicles. Best way to cool off that I know of – that is if you don’t have air.

    Hang in there. Or not…
    But know that you are not alone!


  • I’m sorry about your bad day. We all get them from time to time, even coupled people. It’s days like that you just have to get yourself a treat, and try to look on the bright side of things. There always is a bright side.

  • Maybe I’m a little more simple-minded, but watching HBO’s Flight of the Conchords usually makes me feel better. Especially the “Foux du Fafa” video, which is classic. Here’s the link: http://www.scribblevillage.com/?p=651

  • I think it’s the full moon…okay, maybe not but know that all of us have experienced those moments and yes, sometimes it just feels good to complain about it. I saw Sex in the City last night with my girlfriends and was reminded that it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone feels shitty sometimes. Single or not. Thanks for making me laugh and human every day!

  • Yes, we ALL have days like that. Sometimes you just want to be a little self indulgent and wallow in your unhappiness–I think it’s normal, and well deserved sometimes (that’s what I tell myself anyway.) I think it’s better to really allow yourself to feel whatever it is you feel and then be able to truly move forward rather than ‘suck it up’ and try to push those feelings aside…it’ll only come back ten fold. Hope I didn’t get too ‘new age’ on you.

  • I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time. Change in family dynamic can often throw the rest of your life off. I hope you have something or someone that can make you feel a little happier. Would you like me to email your Rlo and ask him to bake for you? When I’m having a bad day your blog always produces a smile. Hopefully knowing that will make you smile.

  • I had a day like that yesterday…

    I’m not going to say anything annoying and cheesy like “this too will pass” so instead i say, drink copious amounts of wine and watch really bad TV. That usually works for me.

    p.s. I like you. :-)

  • It’s okay to wallow in sadness as long as you follow it up with ice cream and a nap. You really should go get that rash looked at. The University of Utah has a great dermatology clinic, otherwise go to your regular doctor.


  • Oh, man, we all have those days. I don’t want to get married again or even date at this point in my life, but every once in a while, in the deepest of the dark night, I kinda sorta wish I had someone to share my bed with (that isn’t an 8 year old girl or two cats).


  • I’m sorry you had a bad day… (Enter Daniel Powter song here)

    My prescription for those types of days are as follows: Eat whatever you want for dinner, watch something that will make you sob uncontrollably (might I suggest the Pampers “Forever Young” commercial, available on YouTube), while you drink 1/2 a bottle of wine (I prefer Riesling myself Treat yourself right, put it in a fancy glass this time), enjoy some quality time with your vibrator (check batteries first), drink the other 1/2 of a bottle of wine while watching something uplifting (Comedy or VH1-Classic videos… perhaps dance around to the Step By Step album), feel so much better at this point that you can tell your self-pitying feelings to Fuck Off and find someone else to bring down. Also, consider that none of that could have been done on a whim if you were living with your brother or ANYONE else. Those evenings have to be planned well in advance for people who have roomies.

    Good times…

  • Well, I have central AC, a dishwasher, and a pool. (Unfortunately the pool is always filled with shrieking children.) However, I too am single and lonely, so believe me, none of those other things makes any difference. Except the AC. God knows I’d die without my AC. Still, life pretty much sucks all the time. (Except for the AC)

  • see a dermatologist (they have air in the clinics!) for the rash. have a beer… or several. drink them fast so they stay cold. it works. :)

  • Last time I had a rash like that I took the time to visit an acupuncturist and was shocked that it was gone by the next day.

    … other than that … drink lots of wine/beer/vodka … I mean water ;-)

  • Ok my suggestion for your rash, FWIW, is this lotion called “Sarna”. You can get it at any pharmacy, Target or Wal-Mart. They now have an unscented version (which is great since the original didn’t smell very good) and it works like a charm!

    My remedy for having a bad day? Go get drunk!

  • Well, I have an A/C, a dishwasher, a very sexy fiance who can cook spaghetti and a mean PB&J but not much else. I have decent thighs, and a flat tummy as long as I’m not sitting down, but….

    I’m not working my dream job, or even anything close. I live in the swamp (hence the NECESSITY for the A/C), my tits hang down to my belly button after two kids, and an ex husband who sucks ass.

    6 of one. Half a dozen of the other.


  • I am thinking maybe I should send some famous “peanut butter bars” your way. Your not allergic to nuts, are you?;)

  • p.s. glad to read your twit, that you’re going to doctor.

  • I’ve only recently begun reading your blog, but I am befuddled as to why such a gorgeous woman with such talent is single. It has to be largely by choice, but being picky is definitely better than waking up next to the wrong person every morning. At least that’s what I try to remind myself when I have days like yours. Too bad you live in Utah.

  • I have no pool, no sexy husband, no dishwasher, can’t cook, the thighs are ok, the tummy is not exactly flat but not fat either. I do however have excellent AC, tons of water and a huge fresh water lake with miles of awesome beach! Of course it is 1500 miles away.

    Sorry your day sucked…I can’t promise it will get better, but I sure hope it does get better for you!

  • I heart you Sarah…and I promise, the divorce situation with your brother will get better. Living proof. Smile :)

  • Well, I have AC and a dishwater…thats about it. Had I known these items came in a combo pack with skinny thighs, cooking husband and flat tummy, I would have opted for that. But, my non cooking hubby is a cheapo, so I got the scratch and dent strechmark package:(

    I am often told time heals all wounds, so maybe hand your hat on that?

    Personally, I opt for a well hidden flask.

    Feel better!

  • I know everyone has advice for someone who is going through what I like to very un-originally call “The Perfect Storm”, but I have nothing to write except to let you know that you have hundreds of readers out there who everyday wish they were you, and that there are people out here wishing they could be friends with such an awesome person like you. Life totally blows and then we die, but in the meantime take heart that people love you and a thing exists called the internet.

    P.S – I live five minutes away from a Trader Joe’s. Send me how many boxes of Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies you want and an address to which I can send them. Like, for real.

  • I had the same conversation with my friend Steph this morning. She told me that she would marry me and make babies with me if she were a boy.

    Come down this week when it gets too unbearable and we’ll freeze our asses off in the basement.

  • what I wouldn’t give to come home to a clean, quiet house, all to myself. I lived by myself only once – when I was 19, for about 9 months. I loved it. Sadly, the only way I will ever have the opporunity to live alone again is if my husband dies. Sigh…..

  • We stopped at Starbucks today after I picked Lo up from camp and I wanted to linger a minute hoping you might show up. You didn’t. So we went to “the lake house” and the kids swam while my nose ran and ran and ran, then I came home to a washing machine full of towels and nothing to wear tomorrow because I washed towels instead of actual clothes. Can we have a grown up girl date soon please like the old days?

  • EEEWWWWWWWWW….they are *still* teaching plug and chug in math classes? That little phrase caused me so much anxiety, and eventually, a D+. Bleh.

    Heat rash sucks. I slowly lose clothing as the summer progresses. My Doctor just prescribed me three tubes of junk and told me to stop coming back. Stay cool!

  • Well, I’ve AC and a dishwasher, but no husband. Of course, it’s illegal for me to have a husband, so I blame it on that.

  • Illegal here, at least.

  • Oh, and I thought you’d really want to know that I’m drunk right now, so if my comments don’t make sense, I blame it on the alcohol and the Mormons (because I can).

  • Kvetching…sometimes it does a body good.

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