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Overdosing in the Name of Education

I pulled a Heath Ledger last night.

In an effort to fall asleep early I took Ambien and melatonin. Which isn’t the best idea in the first place, but washing it down with three glasses of red wine is probably straight up dangerous.

Don’t worry I survived. This blog is not being written posthumously.

I had to wake up at 4:00 am this morning in order to be at the school in time to watch a morning radio shift. For some people this may not be a problem, but I am not a morning person. Most days I can’t even make it to work by 9:00 am.

The things I do for school. Seriously.

Last night while lying in bed waiting for sleep, or death, I entertained myself by making a list of people I could haunt if my pharmaceutical cocktail killed me.

1) The person responsible for calling the Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 the swine flu. Asshole.

2) RLO.

I only came up with two people before falling asleep, so it’s a damn good thing I survived. Death sounds really boring without hundreds of people to haunt.


  • I challenge you to prove there is a 4 AM. I have heard talk of it but have yet to actually see it.

  • Thanks for not dying. Life would be boring w/out your daily musings.

  • Spitting in the face of danger, are we?

    I have a hard time making it to work by 9:30, which is my goal arrival time. We technically open at 8:30, but luckily my coworkers are forgiving of my lack of morningability. How will I survive law school?

  • My SIL is from japan and she asked my brother why they gave it such a cute name. Swan flu. When my brother told her it was SWINE, she didn’t know what that was. I love that girl

  • I am so glad that you did not die. Phew!

  • Ha, I’m the antithesis of a morning person myself, but still subject my co-workers to my raging sleepy monster every morning at 7.

    Glad you did not asphixiate on vomit in your sleep.

  • Don’t think that being dead will get you out of cheese fries. But good try!

  • Wait. You’re getting cheese fries without me? Traitor. You are dead to me.

  • -.- don’t be so risky please. You make my maternal instincts squirm in their seats.

  • I take an Ambien and Melatonin every night with a swig of Nyquil. Seriously.

  • Mad props for getting up at 4. I’m pretty sure I would fail that assignment.

  • I went for uppers in college, mostly in the form of Diet Mountain Dew. During my last week, I made a tower of my 35 empty cans on a table in the computer lab. I finally fell asleep under the table on day three. Many photos were taken, I later learned.

    I hated college. I’d rather jump off a bridge than go back.

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