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Parenting, Harder than it Looks

The AK’s were busy preparing for the big party last night so Rlo and I stepped in to help. Since I’m worthless in the kitchen and cleaning bores me, they found a task I could handle: taking Little AK to her soccer game. Rlo was to meet us at the field with chairs and drinks. He was late. Which isn’t a big deal, but strangers were talking to me about parenting. Aughhhhh! I considered screaming “stranger danger” at the top of my lungs to get them to stop, but figured the scene wouldn’t be worth it.

Finally the game started and the parents left me alone. At the end of the first quarter Little AK ran over to get her drink. Her drink? Shit. Rlo hadn’t arrived yet, so I made something up about the dangers of being waterlogged during a soccer game. She bought it.

By half time Rlo had arrived with two chairs and two drinks: a Mountain Dew for him, and a Diet Dr Pepper for me. He, too, had forgotten a drink for Little AK. Clearly we would both make lousy parents. However, I wouldn’t be nearly as lousy because at least I shared my drink. Who cares if she ends up more dehydrated because of it. She’ll still love me more than Rlo because I shared and he didn’t.



  • ROFL I bet you are Little AK’s best buddy now, and yes sometimes this parenting thing is pretty hard, but sooo worth it.

  • I’m sure she had fun and as a mother I can tell you I forget little details all the time but my kids are still alive and happy as can be.

    You’ll make a great parent someday. Not so sure about that Rlo guy.

  • my kids have played soccer for several years now, and i have never remembered to bring drinks. i always have to run buy one at the drink stand during half time because of my forgetfulness. many times i let them drink my diet coke because the lines are too long to get a drink and make it back before halftime is over. that’s right…i always have a diet coke for the game but never remember water. i have 4 kids. they are still alive and have never been dehydrated that we know of.

  • Nine times out of ten, I don’t remember drinks (or anything else for that matter) b/c it’s usually all I can do to get out the door on time. And besides, a little dehydration never killed anyone (usually.)

  • Holy hell that is a large bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. (I’m drinking a normal sized one as I type this.)

  • She’s cute. Good temporary mom job (believe it or not!)

  • You know the other kids were jealous.

  • jesus those two make pretty babies.

  • The size of that bottle in her hands is hilarious! She looks like she’s going to fall over!

  • Little AK is adorable and doesn’t look dehydrated in the least. She’s lucky to have friends like you and Rlo to take her to her game. Who cares if you forgot a kid friendly drink. That’s the job of parents and coaches. You’ll make a great parent! My wife will kill me for writing this but she forgets things all the time like the time at the park she left her diaper bag home.

  • Haha. That is so funny! I have a thirteen year old that plays soccer, and that always happens to me, so he has learned that if he forgets to get his water bottle before the game, it won’t be me who remembers. It takes time but they finally learn that THEY have to remember to get their own water, or they will die of dehydration.
    BTW, that kid is so cute!

  • Thank you for taking her!!! Little AK had a bloody fantastic time at the game although I think she enjoyed the icecream with you after it a lot more.

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