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People I Hate Today

Fist and foremost my mother and father for not being wealthy enough to make me a trust fund brat. I think this is very selfish of them.

Libby because reading her post about swimsuit season while eating chocolate covered espresso beans made me feel guilty enough to put them away. If I knew her I’d call her and fire her.

The Kid because he doesn’t share my excitement for “The Hills” rendering him completely worthless to me.

Rlo because he doesn’t have time for BFF night until next Tuesday, which is completely unacceptable. Who else am I going to boss around? Ben is out of town.

My brother, Matt, because he lives in Provo and I want to see his kids tonight, but don’t want to drive that far.

Bishop Deal because he had every opportunity to hook me up with Jermaine from “Flight of the Conchords” and didn’t. I think it’s because he’s Mormon and didn’t want to be responsible for the humping that would most definitely ensue.


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