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Pimp Your Blog

I don’t check my blog stats as often as I should. If I sit down and think about just how many people are reading about my vibrator I tend to panic.

Yesterday, in an effort to put off my math homework, I decided to look the blog stats up. Seeing how many of you are out there reading was amazing! I thank you, and my vibrator thanks you. My mom, however, does not thank you. I’m sure the thought of so many people reading about the time I got caught with my hand down my pants, or the time I managed to use the word fuck and Baby Jesus in the same post would give her further reason to hate technology. I can hear her now, “Sarah, those strangers are only encouraging your bad behavior. Don’t come crying to me when you end up chopped up in someone’s freezer somewhere.” My mom actually said that last part to me when she found out about my blog. I didn’t have the heart to tell her if I was chopped into pieces I probably wouldn’t be crying to anyone, because I WOULD BE DEAD!

I realized I have the best source of blog info at my hands. Who knows the Internet better than you people?

So here’s your chance to pimp your own blog. In the comment section I want anyone with a blog, or a favorite blog to leave a link and briefly tell us what your blog is about. My RSS feed could use a little revamp. Get busy. And when you’re done getting busy, come back and leave me some blog links. Not everyone around here (READ: ME!!) is getting a little something, something–which means I’ve got plenty of time for blog reading.

**Edit**Woohoo!  Look at all these links!  To make things easier I’ll post a list of all the links left in comments, so post your link by tomorrow.


  • I have a blog but I don’t use it, so there aren’t any posts. Therefore I won’t put a link to it here.

    I came across this blog last week and couldn’t stop reading – it broke my heart. So if you are not up for sadness don’t go here – but I wanted to put it out there just the same because this guy can use the support!


  • I have a blog about my life moving from SLC to Chicago. I stumbled across your blog from a news interview you did with a friend of mine and I have been a loyal reader ever since. Being a recovering mormon I know where you’re coming from and truly enjoy your wit.

    Keep writing…we’ll keep reading!

  • I just started my own blog in March of this year.
    I’m a single mom with one cute funny kid so I get to blog about it all… being single, being a mom.. etc. BUT my mom does read my blog and I’m afraid of her. So no stories about my vibrator – just yet.
    Check me out!

    I came across your blog when you did the interview with Dooce! I’ve been addicted to you ever since.

  • Found your blog via Loralee when she was mentioning your need for a BlogHer roomie. I completely understand a lot of the Utah stuff you discuss, so I keep reading!

    My regular-everyday-life blog:
    My new running blog:

  • i figured i’d join the band wagon here — i started my blog in january and i’ve been furiously posting ever since. it’s essentially a scrapbook of personal musings on life, music, books, movies, other blogs & internet goodness, etc. etc.

    i’d love your readership and support — i’ve been a fan of you blog for some time now and i appreciate your clever writing style and all the laughs you’ve given me.


  • I’ve only been blogging since March (I didn’t even really know what a blog was much before that.) I started my own to get back into the practice of writing w/o too much pressure of feeling like it needed to be perfect. So far, I love it!
    The link is: http://www.heavyonthecaffeine.com
    It’s about my life as a wife, mom, owner of multiple pets, (read: zoo keeper) compulsive Type-A personality…so in other words, it’s about sex, time-outs, poop, and OCD–any questions?

  • I don’t have a favorite blog to add since you’re my favorite, but wanted to give you a shoutout and say how how much I enjoy reading your blog every day. Thanks for being funny and doing dumb thing we can all enjoy and sympathize with.

  • I found your blog through Dooce and I love it.

    I just started a new blog about my desire to lose weight. I am tracking my workouts and my diet so I can lose the extra 50 pounds I gained while in college. I will also track the results as I go. Hopefully others can use some of the things I will try to lose weight as well.

  • I don’t have the funny life you and Dooce have so I don’t have a blog but the two of you are by far my favorite and the best out there. How weird you are both in Utah.

  • Sra non comprende. Pimp blog? Non comprende.

    I have one for you, tho: Grace Undressed. It’s supposedly written by a stripper about life as a stripper, but her writing is amazingly beautiful. And that makes me wonder if it isn’t a work of fiction by a writer, but it’s hard to know. She could just be a really smart stripper who writes narrative beautifully. I’m hooked on it lately.

  • I started a baby blog a couple of months ago that mother’s can use as a resource for parenting. I have had so many funny experiences while raising my little girl, I have to share them with everyone. I am pregnant again and I couldn’t be happier.

  • I also am a single mom who blogs about life with her kids, drama with the BF, family problems. I try to make it funny for the most part, but sometimes, it’s sad. Anyway, check it out. Been trying to get more readers. I just started it in May.


  • I don’t have my own but follow one written by two poodles that hate cats and steal cars to go to McDonalds for there cheeseburgers. http://www.blumaxx.blogspot.com/

  • I forgot to leave my URL in my comment about my weight loss blog so here it is: http://www.dropping50.com

  • Yet another single mom here! I blog about my daughter, favorite tv shows (Lost, Survivor, ANTM) and whatever other random things. To quote Depeche Mode (favorite band in highschool) “The world we live in and life in general.”

    I believe I came across your blog via Loralee… But that was a while back, like last week, and I can’t remember that far. :)

  • i needed a place to vent (read: bitch) so i started blogging. *shrug* i try to include some of the funny stuff that happens around me. i stumbled upon staci @ verypink.com and tripped over dooce in the process. which led me here. now i have so many blogs to read, i could spend an entire day reading them. whew…


  • I started blogging as I procrastinated doing homework when I was in graduate school. I’ve sinced moved from SLC to Portland and sometimes the posts come quickly and sometimes they trickle out. My favorite thing? Seeing the hits from Asia when people search google for “sex stories” and find me. I’m sure they are heartily disappointed.


  • I’m a fellow SLCer, found you via Bryan Schott who I met when I volunteered at the old station. I have a photoblog with salty photos that I try (and usually fail) to update daily at:



    - mike

  • I have a relatively new blog. It is about the insanity of life and the unusual people in “The OC” (Orange County, CA). It is not a mommy blog but I do sometimes mention the insanity that comes w/3 teens. Like recently when I sent one of them off to obliviion on the wrong train. Pretty much anything is fair game, but the topics are rarely tame. I don’t know why that is? I have a weird life and I guess I try to laugh at it as much as possible! Love your blog by the way!

  • I’ve only recently started to blog. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog and a few others for awhile now. My blog (http://seriouslyash.blogspot.com/) is mostly to keep my family, living in different states, aware and up to date with what my little family is doing.

  • http://www.jessibellam.blogspot.com I missed you by SECONDS on Sunday at Pride. When will we meet?! Your brother is pretty much amazing, he bought Kiesha, me and Kat McDonalds breakfast. I hyperlink to your blog occassionally and I have taken to stlking all of your friend (http://www.Verygeorge.com is under heavy surveillance)
    Thanks for being marvelous!

  • I’m a humor columnist, so I write a humor blog, The Wa Blog, in which I post my weekly humor column, as well as favorite quotes from my children (“Dad, you smell good enough to read me a book”), and my random musings (“Can there be just one shenanigan?”). It’s basically a father blog with a sarcastic bent.

    I’m also now posting choice entries from my 1970s teenage diary and providing humorous commentary from a middle-aged perspective. My first love. My second love. The rise and fall of disco. And my journey through many, many high school musicals.

    Here is the URL:


    Slogan: The Wa Blog. Why trust the wasting of your time to amateurs?”

    Thanks, Sarah. May your batteries always be fresh.

  • a) Please feel free to visit my blog anytime, but I do not take responsibility for any loss in brain cells as a result. There may have been a mention of vibrators and/or blow up sheep.

    b) I really love your ad over there to the right for asian GIRLS looking for love and marriage.

  • Hi. My blog has existed since 2001, but could only move 2002 and on when I switched to wordpess, not that you hear me complaining or anything because I kinda want to forget 2001 existed too! My blog chronicles my idiotic life, but I tend to not get very personal on it. Atleast not since the 2001 incident where I got caught with MY hand down MY pants Also noteworthy: my blog has never gotten me any ass.

  • Yeah, do you think it would help if I put the link in? (Although readers can click on my name and it will take them to the blog also!) Here it is:


  • http://crushedglass.net/crushedstars is my site, it’s managed blog style but isn’t really a blog. I use it for site news updates to tell what I’ve been doing in other places. Plus I post the occational photo there.

    The real journally/bloggy/diary-y meat is at http://crushedglass.livejournal.com

  • I don’t have a blog, but reading your makes me want to start one!!!

    I found you through Dooce and am thankful I did. You always provide me a laugh when I need it the most. I feel like all I have to do is pull up your site and I have a friend. You’re a great writer and I can’t wait to read more.

  • “Darling, move back home” Mama said to me, seemingly like she meant it. “We really would love to have you”. Dad looked dubious. Mum nudged him. “Of course we would, pumpkin” he told me, through gritted teeth. What is the worst that could happen? I thought to myself. I closed my eyes. “Okay” I said. I think that is when it all started to go wrong.

    …Go on- get involved man!


    I am a local and I read your column religiously. I’d love to meet you sometime. Have you ever considered a meet&greet?

  • I have a pop culture comedy blog. I’ve been doing it since February and I think I’m funny. Anyhow I cover a massive range of topics and I believe that there is a little something for everyone. This is one of those blogs that will cheer you up if you feel like shit.


  • Oh…and for your reading pleasure, I recommend the following highly:

    Brilliant mind from a guy chronicling his journey to try and knock up his wife. Sometimes a bit sad, though.

    He’s just plain funny.

  • I found you thru Dooce, but you’ve very quickly become my new blogger crush, because–let’s face it–you’re cute, smart, and funny and just a little bit bitchy. Just a tad. There. I said it. One of us had to.

    My blog is at http://www.innocentbystander.typepad.com
    I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years now, basically on all kinds of pop culture stuff: movies, TV, comics, books, etc. I, however, do not blog about vibrators.

  • BTW….talk about bringout out the lurkers. I might steal this idea and find out who’s stalking me.

    Though will be heavily disappointed that there are probably none.

  • Honey, you’re the best thing since sliced bread. Especially now since I’m on a carb-free diet.

    I don’t have a blog but like to read


    http://www.dooce.com (how I found you!)

  • My blog is titled The D Rules.

    It’s all about me and my awesomeness! From some of the stupid things that I do in my daily life, to my weight loss of 85 lbs. To my sorry existence of a dating life. I post about almost everything except my sex life, (it’s just too depressing) Mans, gotta have some boundaries.

    To further promote my awesomeness you will notice that I am one of the few commenters, if any, that has actually put a LINK in this comment. Everyone else just put the URL.

    See The D = AWESOME!!

  • I am not sure how I first stumbled onto your blog, but it has been a part of my google reader feed for a bit now.

    I have a often neglected blog, mostly because I have adult ADD ( not really), 3 boys who are 16, 11 and 5 ( yes really), a husband and I work as an ICU nurse. I do not know the meaning of dull or boring…and somedays I wish I did. Many day actually. :)


  • oh criminy, now I am there twice.

    Talk about an asshole.

    {waving hi!}

  • I have been hooked on your site, since I saw the interview you did with Dooce.

    I just recently started my blog and am still getting into the groove of things.

  • My blog is about food and living gluten-free with Crohn’s disease. Wow that doesn’t sound fun does it? Well it IS! You’re one of the links on my blogroll because I just love this blog! http://www.yoursugarandspice.blogspot.com

  • Hi! My blog is http://www.paintingchef.com. I don’t really even know what it’s about… originally it was infertility based until I realized I didn’t like reading about my uterus so there was no need to subject anyone else to that. So now? It’s about marriage and life and way too much 90210.

  • It’s just about stuff … cycling, skiing, politics, poetry, music, movies, and more.


  • My blog is helliferocious.blogspot.com. I’ve been reading yours for a few months now, sent over from thesinglesister – and I just started mine a few days ago. But it’s going to be great! :)

  • My blog (http://igivetoyou.blogspot.com) is what most everyone else’s blog is, minus the pets and the kids. I’m a single chick, so naturally this means that my life – and therefore my blog – is filled with fabulous tales of my luxurious single/childless life, right?


    This blog – http://keepyourreceipt.blogspot.com – is written by the funniest chick ever.

  • Ich wünsche, daß ich Anmerkungen 40+ zu meinem blog erhalten könnte. Fluch.

  • Holy shit! Look at the can of worms you’ve opened up!!

    I only recently created a blog because I like to hear myself talk. I especially like it when other people can listen to me talk. I’m a bit of an attention whore. None of it is necessarily intelligent or funny, but certainly self-indulgent and egotistical (which means that I think it is intelligent and funny) :)
    I don’t have a theme other than Random and Verbose. I’m trying not to make it a Mommy Blog, but I think I may be toeing the line.


  • I have had my blog for about a year and a half. Topics range from mothering a teenage daughter (the horror!) to stupid crap that amuses me. I try to update daily and I would love to have anyone check it out. Come by to comment, tell me if you hate it, love it, relate to it or just don’t get it.


  • I think I’m frickin’ hilarious. This is my blog http://hippobrigade.com
    I’m a mom, but it’s not a mom blog. It’s just a girl gone mad blog. Please enjoy. And come back for seconds, if you like.


  • I know I’m repeating what a ton of people have already said, but so what.

    My favorite blogs are you and http://www.dooce.com. I found you from her and you’re my new obsession, but not the chop you up kind of obsession. Rest assured.

  • I HAVE to add my voice to your first commentator.

    Terrifyingly sad and beautiful in one downpour.


    (and er..thanks Karen, I’m surprised & flattered)

  • I want to practice writing and at this point in my life the only thing on my mind is my brand new daughter and my crazy family- i’m sorta new to utah and I hope to find more exciting stuff to write about in the near future.

  • You are naughty, but I really like when you talk about putting your hand down your pants :)

  • I made the plunge and bought a house just a little over a year ago. The whole process of home ownership quickly developed into an ongoing saga of tragedy that I just had to share. Thus, a blog about the many tales of woe from my experiences as a first time home owner. (and some occasional rants about other injustices in life as well) http://www.kgmoore.com/windemere

  • I am single, I live in Utah, and I am not Mormon.

    Good times ensue!


  • It is more of a journal. One day I plan to get a forum attached to it.


    I have also started another website that I hope one day will be a source for good grocery prices.


  • Also: http://dilettanteclub.blogspot.com

    Dilettante Club is about me and three friends and a unique activity we get together to do every month — followed by drinks. We’ve been doing this every month for 2 1/2 years now.

    Brutalism is about me.

  • Okey dokey then. Being a single mom, always tired, sometimes mildly amusing. Never as brave or funny as yourself, but a girl can live vicariously. :-)


  • I don’t have a blog, but this post reminds me I need to get one started. Can I email you the link when I do?

    Now is as good of time as any to tell you how much I admire you. I’ve never read a blog that is as brutally honest as yours. I wish I could put myself out there like you do. You go girl!

  • I found your blog after your interview with Dooce on ABC. Love it! Check mine out when you have a chance. Mine is about my crazy, wild life with six children. Yes, that’s right! I said six! http://www.c-mo.blogspot.com

  • Love, love, love your blog! I linked from Dooce recently and have read every post since…

    My blog is about my life: my smoker, maple bacon eating neighbors, my days at my video store, my relationship with my wife, my freediving (I can hold my breath for 6m4s :), and ALL OF MY NEUROSES… ALL OF THEM! Oh, and I’m going to be a dad this year (OMG)… I’m in Vancouver Canada.

  • Oh crap.

    I HATE it when people ask what my blog is about. There is just no way to say “vaginas, some depression, maybe some crap about shoes and a whole hell of a lot of navel gazing” and make it sound Classy.

  • Here’s another good one:


  • Hello, long time reader, first time blogger. I just wanted to be as cool as all of you! Visit and tell me what you think!

  • My blog is basically about my pug, your brother and shoes. Probably more in the order of shoes, my pug and your brother.


  • Found you through dooce, and I’m so glad that I did.

    Mine is http://lemonologie.blogspot.com/

    It’s about…me and the saga that is my life.

  • I use mine as a place to post new, portfolio ready photos… and talk about asinine things that are of interest to me. I’m hoping my family never sees it.


  • Don’t know if anyone’s interested, but I review books that I read. Yes, I’m a dork. But, I share it with my high school students. Yes, they think I’m a dork. Here you go!


  • I just started my blog as a way to waste time. Now I can come home from work, ignore my husband, and stare mindlessly at a computer. Who wouldn’t want to read about that kind of excitement!

  • My blog has always been linked to my name above, but I’ll put the URL here too: http://athornyway.blogspot.com

    It’s basically just about the issues and thoughts I encounter in my life, with a emphasis being on the intersection of two significant influences on my life, homosexuality and Mormonism.

  • i just started writing a blog a few DAYS ago… :)


    i write and will write about my life: stepmom, daughter to a double transplant survivor, married, lover of food and funny writing (i love your blog, Sarah, found it through dooce)…

  • I saw your interview with Dooce and remembered you from Jen’s house. (Years ago, she told me you were soliciting donations on your blog.)

    I just started blogging recently about my life. Crazy things happen to me. And quite frankly, my kids provide endless opportunities for laughs.

  • Sarah, I’m a huge fan. I agree with the above comment on a meet and greet. It would be great to finally meet you!

  • ok…so i’ll jump on this bandwagon. i have no idea how long i’ve been reading you. i think since loralee pimped you out. i might have been here before that even. i have no idea, because like you i have lots of time on my hands! i blog surf. some of my current favorites…




    and then there is mine…

    it is mostly about my family and life way the freak over in turkey, but don’t let that scare you away. we have adventures!

  • I used to be here: http://www.xanga.com/cliopatra, but now I’m mostly here: http://www.cliopatra.net. In addition to paid postings, I also blog about my wonderful life in Florida, my attempts to write a novel (actually, it used to be one novel, now it’s two) and that sort of thing. It’s not just cheese sandwich blogging, it’s cheese sandwich with BACON blogging. And who doesn’t love bacon.

    I’ve only been reading you for a month or so (I think dooce got me over here?) but I love your style. Thanks for the pimping opportunity!

    Now I get to start reading all of the ones up there ^

  • http://daylightrising.blogspot.com is a little bit of everything… crafts, food, politics, and my life in general terms.

    http://lisaispreggers.blogspot.com is specific to me being pregnant and the adventure/nightmare that has been. You might never want to get pregnant if you read the whole thing.

  • Um I just started a blog that will probably mostly be about my son and me bitching about the not so near future inlaws (I really do love them tho!)


  • I have a blog devoted to the food I feed my family.


  • http://www.thesinglesister.blogspot.com

    My blog is about a little bit of everything: dating, being the single one of three sisters, my friends, and my new hedgehog Ruby. Hope you come and check it out.

  • I write about my (mis)adventures as a perpetual student, campaign manager, photographer, auntie, wife, friend, and pop culture junkie.

  • woo! i love this — the blogroll of readers, rather than of those you read. iambossy is doing the same thing, and it’s awesome.

    my blog is http://sanctimony.net and it’s more or less about the misadventures of helena, and lately this seems to focus on my insane neighbors.

  • My blog is at http://bigjoes-blog.blogspot.com/
    I tend to write about life, work, how much I hate squirrels, BBQ’ing and lots of things that annoy me

  • I think my comment keeps getting dumped so I apologize to all if my entry is here 12 times.

  • The name of my blog is It’s Always Something, and let me tell you it is always something around here. I change me template like I do my underwear “once a week” .. just kidding. I recently left blogger and set up shop in Word Press, but I hated it, so I’m back in stinking ole blogger.

  • As a stay at home mom, with a booming business to run, I find that blogging helps me stay sane, and possibly help others.

    I post mostly about what it’s like to run a gourmet pretzel business that I started from the ground up while caring for two little munchkins, age 5 and 2 3/4.

    So, if you’re a dipstick…or just like chocolate covered caramel pretzels…or perhaps just like reading about strangers going insane, then by all means

    click here! http://dipsticksdoodahs.blogspot.com

    or here


    thanks sarah! keep sinning so we can keep our voyeuristic tendencies alive!!!

  • This blog is pretty funny:



    It’s full of tirades, anecdotal irreverence, satirical ramblings and funny thoughts and stories. It’s mostly social satire, but there is some political stuff. And, he keeps you guessing as to what he’s going to post next.

  • I am a 23yr old office run-away living in Switzerland. Having adventures, looking for love, and fnding that I’m laughing at myself way more than anyone should have to.


  • I don’t think my comment was posted before…hmmm…

    well I’m the single sister in my family and the last of three daughters to get a blog so, really I was just jumping on the blog-wagon that my older sisters started. Just picture me as the annoying little sis that just wanted to do why my older cooler sisters were doing.


    I wright about being single, dating life, my friends, and my new hedgehog, Ruby.

    Stop by and leave a comment! :)

  • Hi! I also found you through Dooce, and was intrigued because we have the same last name. It is so rare to find the exact spelling!

    I blog at http://tjrelic.blogspot.com

  • Apparently, everybody and their single dogs blog these days, but even that isn’t really news now is it? So let me join the masses and self-promote my blog here (I already do it on Facebook so 200+ of my CLOSEST friends know when I’ve updated a story about the Island of the Misfit Toys that is any given singles ward in the Salt Lake valley). http://larriecampbell.wordpress.com/
    I have a tendency to check my stats whenever I can’t focus at work, which means ONCE EVERY 10 MINUTES. And then after that, I check my RSS reader to read your blog. Tell your mom that I have a tendency to chop people up that don’t post something that makes me laugh.

  • I recently started a relatively boring blog that I hope to make someday better. I work on this by reading other blogs as much as I can during work hours. To my bosses reading this – it’s called homework.

    I had a heart transplant 18 months ago and my blog basically stories about how much better life is with a heart that works awesomely well. Better than my old heart ever could’ve dreamed.



  • I found you through a friend on mindsay. I have NO IDEA how he found you. I’m just glad he did.

    my blog is about my playwriting. i don’t know how interested you’ll be in that, but there you go. :)

    i haven’t written any plays yet featuring and/or about vibrators, but drag queens and transsexuals seem to pop up a lot. This blog was a recent start, so i’m not sure if even those two things have made it into the blog.

  • also, total moron, not leaving my address except as a link by my name.


  • Hi there! My blog is seriously new, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! I’m basically just ranting about life and love, with a bit of some new music sprinkled here and there. I’m not even a month old yet, so go easy on me! Thanks for checking it out!

  • My blog is just about what goes on around me. Nothing exciting. It’s not a mommyblog, even tho I am mom….. except they aren’t little kids anymore.

    I enjoy reading you because. Just because.


  • This is a video/photo/writing blog by a couple of friends who are digital artists… the theme is “wildlife and wild culture” and it has a mixture of commentary on popular culture and nature, and ideas about where they intersect. It also features several of their ongoing art projects. These tend to use a dry humor that’s really appealing if you like that kind of thing… I think it’s good and quirky and silly and smart.

  • Another person here who found you via dooce. You lucky gal! :) I have never commented but am more a lurker to your site – I love your candidness.

    My blog: http://jjbofamily.blogspot.com

    It started out as a way to keep my peep’s in the know about our family and two toddler girls because I was just too busy to keep everyone updated one on one. It has taken on a life of it’s own in the recent years, and most recently my attempt at running a marathon. Basically, it’s a bunch of nonsense with some mom stuff thrown in. At least it keeps me amused.

  • 100 Comments! Geeze Sarah, I guess people like you!

  • Wow that’s a lot of comments. I’m game so here’s my blog:


    It was originally started so that my parents could keep up with me when I moved away from home, but since they always lose the URL it’s basically just turned into a chronicle of things that are going on with my life. Everything that I say manages to piss off my in-laws, and I usually post when I’m cranky about something so be prepared for some bitching…but funny bitching. (I think)

  • Hi. I’m The Moldy Bagel. I just started to blog about everything that annoys me about working in corporate America. :) Bottom line? It sucks.


  • Sure. Why not :) Maybe I’ll even start updating more often. Basically a blog about my life. Some craziness, some complaining, some happy stuff thrown in there for fun as well.


  • Sweet, I NEVER get permission to get laid…

  • I blog about my sad attempts to make it as a writer, my social ineptness, and generally anything I’d say to a hooker if I had the money.


  • I found your blog after you were on tv with the Armstrongs. I have been reading every day since. You are hysterical, perverted and totally crass, which is why I love you. Im highly entertained.


    My blog is not nearly as irreverant as yours, but I do try. Although, I found out over the weekend that my parents read it and found it “offensive, worldly and embarasing” Thanks mom and Dad!

  • I dunno, can you really call Livejournal a blog??

  • I have a blog, I don’t get to write as much as I would like because…well I’m lazy. But here is the link anyway! http://duhbananalane.com

    It isn’t very interesting right now but I am trying to post more.

  • Hey, there! Have been hooked to your blog for the past few months! My blog is a bit random – both in content and frequency – but it’s progressing. I find a lot of time goes by between posts – when I get the bug of an idea, I’m usually somewhere where I can’t just post – and to write it down for later posting would be labor. When it grows up, my blog wants to be just like yours – vibrator and all!


  • In a moment of homesickness after moving to Baltimore, I started Blogimore as a cathartic way to make myself feel superior to people in my adopted city. It’s snarky, elitist, infrequently updated and often mean-spirited, and I love every word in it.

    Now that I’m moving back to Texas, I guess it will morph into the story of my life as a work from home dad(-to-be).


  • I may be cheating by going twice, but here’s another blog I started: http://www.jargtastic.com.

    Anyone that’s worked in an office knows that workplaces are filled with jargon. People like to sound more smarterer than they really are. They think using words like “core competencies” helps. Jargtastic sarcastically chronicles our experiences hearing jargon in the workplace.

  • Our blog is http://www.ladiosadevino.com (the wine goddesses). It started out as an extended girls night conversation and is now like a girls night on serious drugs. We are best friends, incredibly sarcastic, love self-depracation and sharing a little piece of our mind. And best yet, we live in Utah too. Love your blog, read it everyday. I am part of your blog stats!

  • My blog is predominately about the silly, embarrassing, and awful things that happen to me. Because I am a barista in southern California at a local coffee shop, MANY bizarre things happen to and around me, and I post at least something everyday. So far this blog is only read by my lazy friends, and when I look at my blog stats every week, what can I say. A little part of me dies inside. Totally kidding. Sort of.

    Anyway, I love your blog Sarah! I check it everyday, and it inspires me to keep blogging. It actually is sort of what made me want to start blogging in the first place. Plus I’ve decided I like Pug dogs again. All because of you.

  • P.S – I don’t know how I forgot this, but my blog can be found at http://www.thinkchelsea.blogspot.com.


  • Sarah i love your blog and have been reading it for a couple of months now, just a first time poster (: Your blogs crack me up as do your one liners on Twitter (:

    My blog is a typical “Mommy blog” — just “the ramblings, musings & monologues of this mommy” over at Mommy-logue! http://thechlebs.blogspot.com

    Have a great night and keep us laughing please :D

  • Thank you for sharing!

    I am from Malaysia – and read blogs during lunch hour where I have a sandwich at my desk.

  • [i think this ate my 1st comment, so here's the 2nd attempt]

    Sarah! I love your blog and have been reading it for a few months now. Your blogs continually crack me up as do your one liners on Twitter (:

    My blog is just the typical “mommy blog” — I am a young wife and mommy to a hyper 2 year old little girl who keeps me on my toes! Just the “rambling, musings & monologues of this mommy” over at Mommy-logue! http://thechlebs.blogspot.com

    Please keep writing and keeping us laughing, Sarah! :D

  • I have no idea how I found you, but I stayed up for 2 hours reading everything you have ever posted on the first night. I’m hooked. And, it would behoove you to befriend me, because I live just 10 minutes from two, yes two, Trader Joes. Mmmmm…

    My blog is about being a suburban party girl in Silicon Valley. It chronicles the ins and outs of life in the valley with my hubby and four-legged baby.

    My blog: http://themostess.blogspot.com/

  • Holy fraking crap! 120 comments. FTW!

  • I suppose I should write something in English and pimp my blog too. Head over to http://sovknight.com to get your daily…er, twice weekly…um… occasional dose of humor, rants, opinions, and extremely mild curse words.

    I did it.

  • This is such a great idea!

    my blog is http://www.decoybetty.com where i write about being a socially awkward 22 year old american in australia.

    I love thebloggess.com its one of my favorites.

  • Also found you by way of Dooce — after watching the Chris Vanocur interview. I write for a newspaper, so I liked that you write the column for IN.

    My blog doesn’t really fit into a category. It’s about me and my life, which is relatively normal. However, as a Utah Mormon who is going on four years of marriage but who has no kids, I am becoming a rarity.


    Another local blog that has great writing: http://aaronfalk.blogspot.com

  • I’ve been reading your blog since I saw you on TV with dooce, and I love it.

    My blog is http://www.thomasandnichole.blogspot.com
    and it is not very interesting in a sense that my husband bribed me not to use the word FUCK, or talk about our alcohol experiences. Mainly because his very mormon sisters will be on his back constantly, but I will see how much longer I will be able to hold off on all the good life experiences.

  • Wow! So many comments. I am impressed. I don’t think I am anywhere close to competing with many of the blogs already mentioned here but my blog is at


    Mostly it is about myself and what is going on with my life as a PhD student at the University of Utah in the Middle East Center, current news, pop culture, Murderball, and general musings.

    However, since I work regularly on political campaigns, for prudence sake, I tend to blog less frequently during campaign season.

  • I love your website.

    Here is mine.



  • i like the idea of being a pimp. so here’s mine: http://huzzah-n-hurray.livejournal.com/

    as well as my friend susannah:

    and our friend laura:

    also, simon pegg has a blog:
    (click on “simon’s blog”… um.. duh..?)

  • I started a blog about my dating life then realized I didn’t have one!


    Sometimes I am interesting other times I am boring, what can I say!

  • My fairly new blog that talks about tech and myself and really could be doing with some direction… :)

  • Mostly my blog is making fun of myself and/or my family. Sometimes I am serious, which is unfortunate.


    I’ve been reading your blog since you were on the TV spot with Dooce. It’s great. Thanks for letting us pimp our blogs !

  • Far be it for me to miss a chance to shamelessly promote…though at #129 I’m so far down the list that I’ll remain unnoticed. Still, that self promotion gene kicks in. So here’s the link for my site

  • Honestly, due to a snoring husband and boob sweat, I woke up early and checked MY blog stats, and found your site from a link from this post.

    What a find! I love it, my vibrator loves it, we all collectively love it!

    Thanks to whomever pimped me out earlier, and to add to the pimp-ing-osity going on, I have a blog. It’s wicked funny (ugh, I wish I was from Boston), and it’s just about life, being a mom, a wife, a crappy neighbor, someone who eats a lot of food, and lots of other things I should be embarrassed to type.


  • My blog is just about my busy life as a mom of four boys (three of which are teenagers), having a husband, and working two jobs. Nothing real exciting, but once in a while, I have a funny story about one of my kids. A friend of mine started reading your blog and she got me started and I’ve been reading it ever since.


  • I really couldn’t categorize my blog. It’s not “about” anything except whatever I’m losing my head over.

  • My blog is nothing real exciting. It’s just about my life as a Mom of four boys (three of which are teenagers), wife, and holding down two jobs. Once in a while I may have a funny story or two usually about my kids. A friend of mine got me reading your blog a couple of months ago and I’ve been reading it ever since.


  • I read your blog and enjoy it immensely. For some reason, I seem to enjoy your twitters even more. Though I don’t think you see my replies as you aren’t following me. Boohoo.

    As I reread this comment I realize it sounds lame. Unfortunately I am to lazy to start over.


  • I found your blog after your TV interview. I am happily out of Utah. I was gone for over twenty years, back for 5 and now gone for 3 years.

    But it is like drugs. I can’t help but go back and read your blog and the letters to the editor in the the Trib and Deseret News.

    Sometimes Utah made me crazy!

    My blog is about life, politics and bicycling

  • Hi Sarah.
    I read your blog through RSS. My blog is about photos, art, entertainment and reviews. I’m from Quebec Canada, but I’m teaching in Taiwan, R.O.C.

    I also post interesting links that I find.

  • I started my blog in an attempt to strengthen my written communication skills….LMAO. Jk I just wanted a venue where I could bitch and not be judged. ENJOY!

  • I lead an incredibly boring life. I read your blog because it’s entertaining and you remind me a lot of me pre-marriage and pre-parenting. My blog is just about my life. The ups, the downs, my struggles with depression, religion, fibromyalgia, infertility and a husband that I love more than life itself but would still like to kill on a daily basis. Keep up the good work girl, I love reading!


  • Day late and a dollar short…but I do still read your blog all the time!

    Most of the time my blog is about running or someting to do with Houston. Our 4 year old broke his leg earlier this year so for a couple of months every single post was probably about the joy of spica casts.

  • Augh, look what happens when work gets in the way of my blogging. Hopefully i’m not too late to make the blogroll!

    My blog is called “Where’s Steph,” which could mean anything from where I am physically to emotionally. I know, I’m THAT deep. But the address centers around the Italian word Bellacantare, which basically means, to sing beautifully. So my blog is all sorts of confusion. Fun, dontcha think?


  • I am the blogger over at Brassiers Are Tools of The Man and I’m one of these people that just has too much time on her hands….so I write about whatever I’m thinking about at the time. Sometimes it’s The Man. Sometimes it’s Tools. Sometimes it’s brassiers. You just never know.


  • Oh well, might as well share mine too. :)

  • Oh Sarah…
    My blog is about my crazy life…as you well know. And I must thank you again for being my initial inspiration and for getting me started.


  • I have always gotten a good laugh out of your column and just found your blog. There is going to be a lot of reading to do on this site. Thanks.

  • http://angrybunnyman.livejournal.com is my life/photoblog. Most of what I post has some picture in it from previous photography sessions.

    Elsewise, my life is just as lame as anyone else. :)

  • My blog is about my life as a working mother with two beautiful kids and all the chaos involved with ballet, little league, PTO etc. The site is http://www.thosedarnsnows.blogspot.com

  • I’m so up for pimping my blog… I’m a regular traffic ho.

    My blog is basically about balancing work and parenting and the adventures of getting through it all. Hope to see you!

  • I just started this http://citizenkim.wordpress.com/
    because of this post. This is where I’ll get my RAGE on!

    So the world will have YOU to thank for it. And I would also like to thank you for your wonderful (t)wit and harm! ;)
    -former lurker

  • I have been blogging for about 6 months, I mostly post about the insanity of being a mother of twins. Yes, another mommy-blogger.
    You are awesome, I read your blog daily and am always entertained.


  • I’m just starting to get into the swing of things. My job seems to really get in the way of blogging though!

  • http://cowjumpmoon.blogspot.com

    started it when I was about 3 months pregnant in Feb 2005, and just kept on going…

  • I don’t have a website but wanted to finally post and tell you how much I am enjoying yours. I haven’t been reading long but managed to get aught up. If my boss is reading this then I won’t feel as guilty because that means she is spending time here too!

    Keep it up, I’m hopefully in love with you!!

  • So, my blog is mostly ramblings about things going on in my life. Not nearly as interesting as the ones I like to read… but if you need some mindless insight into a college student/new professional/reporter’s life go ahead and read.

    I enjoy yours. It’s great fun.

  • I probably missed out on this, but I’ll try anyway. I was away from the computer all day yesterday.

    I write about…nothing. Nothing imporant, but people seem to like it well enough to keep coming back so I must be half way interesting.

    Thanks for checking me out!



  • Am I too late?

    I’ve been a lurker and just added you to my shiny new google reader – haha. Yes I was a lil behind in even knowing what it was. SO much easier for me to now read consistently.

    So Where’s My Damn Answer is a blog written by six girls who are in search of life’s answers. We write about gripes, wine, food, friends, bad tv, music, books, what we find humorous and much much more. We are all different which keeps the content interesting.

    We are going to be adding some fun new features to the blog and are looking to increase people who actually know it exists.

    Love your blob btw … my family doesn’t really KNOW about the blog yet.

  • uh … your blog … your BLOB is really none of MY concern ;-)

  • Great blog! My blog is new so it might be about my crazy life as a mother of three boys, my attempt at finding a new world view after Mormonism, and my efforts at learning to create great stories, and oh yeah maybe about the books I read.


  • I totally forgot to link to this blog, hope it’s not too late.


    You are one funny chick.

  • I came to you through Dooce, and have been reading ever since. My blog is the insanity of raising (not killing) 7 kids.

  • My url is:

    It’s basically a personal weblog that also features my photography, poetry, and occasional comic.

  • Not nearly as sarcastic or funny as Sister Nielson’s popular blog. Just a peak inside the cranium of one crazed composer. Ya’ll come….

  • oops – forgot the most important part:


  • Crap, 166 comments? Knew I should’ve posted yesterday.


  • Ha, but getting next to Bestor on the list = awesome!

  • Hi Sarah, I love your blog and have been reading it for the past couple of months. I started blogging three months ago, because my sister encouraged me to do it, but before that, I had never read any blogs.
    Ever since I discovered your blog, I can’t wait for the next time you post. You’re very funny and are part of my daily routine.
    My blog is mostly about my life and my kids, but I also have some recipe’s and a bunch of pictures. I’m in Bolivia right now on vacation, and just today got my internet connection, so I had not read your blog for a week, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
    This thing that you’re doing is very cool. Thank you.


  • I love your blog! My blog is really, rather boring and I do not update as often as I did in the past.

    I suffer from panic disorder with agoraphobia so a lot of my posts are about my small victories.

    I do keep an updated list of what books I read on my right sidebar.


  • Am I too late? I found your blog through Dooce and have since added it to my daily morning online reading. You’re hilarious, and laughing is a better start to my day than immediately delving into academic hell.

    I’m a student and started my blog last year. I don’t really have a
    ‘theme’ other than what happens to come to mind when I sit down to write. I basically just like writing as much as I can. And swearing.

    Fuck. Check it out: boozeandbooks.wordpress.com

  • I do not update all that often, but it is http://dylanrandom.blogspot.com. I’ve been reading your blog in my Thunderbird list since you and Heather were on with that reporter who had a crush on you.

  • Damn it, I missed yet another deadline. It’s been that sort of week. Anyway, Eurekaisms will give you a look into the dichotomous existence of an Egyptian-American living in Cairo – land of the crazies. Stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and you’ve been keeping me alive at work ever since. Thank you!

  • http://www.scribblevillage.com is an awesomely random blog where we talk about topics ranging from a cheating ex-wife to Mario Kart Wii and the Utah Fun dome. Scribble me this, batman! Okay that was lame. I’ll stop now.

  • Is it too late to add? I started blogging a few months ago. I had lived in Washington State my whole life (first 40 1/2 years) and then we moved to Vegas about a year and a half ago. Thought it would be fun to keep a blog of what happens in the desert. Rub in the fact to my friends and family in Seattle that the weather rocks most of the time. Stuff like that.

  • Doh! Too late perhaps?

  • As always, I am too late. Anyway, I’ll add to the ridiculously large number of comments because it’s fun. I’m a reader. We’re on the same group of blogs for BlogHerAds, that’s how I started reading you.

  • I realize I’m behind, but I was out of town! Not to jump in on the bandwagon (ok I am) but I just started reading you because of twitter (which was randomly found by going through my friends’ followings) and I also have you linked. You remind me of a friend of mine and you’re funny so I keep reading.

  • Also late to the party – I just found you from my stats page due to http://www.greeblemonkey.com who left my link (she’s my top favorite, BTW) and my sides are hurting already! I’m planning on filching this post if you don’t mind.


  • dammit! am I too late?

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