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Pink Scooters are the New Black

It’s hard to be anonymous when you ride a pink scooter.

I get text messages from friends all the time asking how long I’ll be at such and such location. Locations I didn’t mention I’d be at, but that damn pink scooter is easy to spot.

I’m so used to being the only pink scooter that today when I left school I walked to the parking lot and hopped on the wrong pink scooter. I didn’t even notice right way. It looked and felt the same as mine. The only identifier was my key wouldn’t start the ignition. I looked around and quickly realized my mistake when I spotted MY PINK SCOOTER across the parking lot.

Great.. just what I need: one more detail to pay attention to.

However the good news is that people won’t always assume it’s me parked outside the pub—even though it usually is.


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