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Pioneer Day Celebration

My timing is impeccable, as usual.  After I submitted my last column about suffering through the Twilight Concert Series at the Gallivan, the advertising manager for the newspaper asked if I would sit at our sponsored booth there.  He hadn’t yet read my column.  Obviously.  I agreed but took RLO along as a buffer, just in case.

The concert was much more enjoyable in the safety of a booth with chairs and free wine.  It was also nice to meet some of our readers and see my friend Michael.

After the concert RLO and I headed over to Liberty Park for the firework display.  Crossing the busy street, I was just about to stupidly walk into oncoming traffic when RLO grabbed my arm and stopped me.  What he should have done is pushed me further into the street.

After all the grief I give that boy online (and offline) he had every right to push me in front of that speeding car.  But I’m sure glad he didn’t.

After my heart slowed down I remembered a comment he said to me last week, “Sarah, given the choice I’d rather have you alive than dead.”  At the time I laughed and told him it was the best compliment I’d ever received.  Now I know it wasn’t meant as a compliment, it was a true statement.  Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend… RLO is.


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