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Teen Speak and Pajamas

Am I the only one who thinks tween speak is the most annoying thing ever? I hate acronym speak and I don’t like my words abbreviated. While I caved for a moment, I don’t care how cute your wet kitten is I’m still going to hate the “lolcats” phenomenon.

I wish it ended there, but when I logged into Flickr yesterday I saw this:

Flickr, why have you forsaken me? I don’t want to learn lolspeak. I want to avoid it at all cost!

And then I logged into the website for my new media class and found that part of my assignment was to use emoticons in my paper. I give up. Tween speak is taking over not just the Internet, but the world.

P.S. Because there was so much concern over my pajamas in the comments and emails yesterday, here is a picture of them:

SEE, sometimes I do wear pants at home. The rules of my apartment clearly state they must be comfy, pink and covered in pugs.


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