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Plight of a Germaphobe

In a world where every freaking animal has its own strain of flu, you’d think people would learn that spreading germs is a bad thing.


In my political analysis class there’s this dude who has been sick for two months straight. Every single day, buckets of snot pour from his nose. He doesn’t leave the classroom to blow his nose; instead he does it in class. It’s absolutely disgusting and I’m convinced I’m going to catch whatever he’s got. I’m such a snot snob. I insist that blowing your nose should take place in a bathroom where you can wash your hands afterward. Is that really too much to ask? I’m paying for an education, not the flu.

I’m going to feel really horrible if I find out he has some sort of incurable illness, but for now his only diagnosis is inconsiderate asshole. Currently there is no known cure for this.


  • i did not experience this until i moved to the US…no Utah – but a really good friend of mine surprised me a few years ago by doing “snot rockets” when we were snowboarding…i let her off cuz she grew up on a ranch but then i started going on group bike rides and tons of people do it.
    it’s foul and those peeps and the political analysis class dude should be punched

  • Ugh, disgusting. How about when people blow their noses in meetings or restaurants then put the tissue over their finger and go up each nostril for a full on swipe around? God, I just puked in my mouth.

  • I think you guys are being a little harsh with the guy. As a chronic sinus sufferer, I often have to blow my nose dozens of times a day. If I excused myself to the restroom every time I would never get anything done. I try to be demure as much as possible when I do it, but I really can’t avoid doing it away from people all the time. Similarly, the classmate would probably have missed critical moments of the class.

  • You are right, there is no cure, only treatment. A swift punch to the balls.

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