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Poof I'm a Lesbian

Sunday my friend Aimee and I had SarAimee adventures.

In the old days, before she let a boy move into her house, our adventures included lots and lots of girly stuff.  This adventure, however, included a trip into two snowboarding stores.

It was here I discovered that I’m going to be a lesbian.

Aimee was talking to the clerk about the difference in snowboarding socks when I heard something that changed my life: antibacterial socks.

After questioning the clerk on why anyone would need antibacterial in socks, I found out that people don’t wash their snowboarding gear.  And by people I mean boys.  The flashback images of all the dirty-footed snowboarding guys I’ve made out with in my life caused immediate hives.  I swore off boys right then and there.

On our way home we needed a major infusion of estrogen so we stopped by a coffee shop named Diva.  It helped, but I’m probably going to have to stick to my original plan and make 2009 the year of the lesbian.


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