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Project Runway Gets Filthy!

RLO and I watch Project Runway with AK and Mrs. AK every season.  RLO likes to show off his knowledge of the designers and make us feel stupid for not remembering every single detail.  I like to drink wine and make fun of RLO for being so involved.

This Wednesday the new season begins.  I cannot wait. This season is going to be the best yet.  Why you ask?  Because our friend Keith made the cut! I don’t know who is more excited me or RLO.

Let’s get Filthy!


  • I love Project Runway. Very excited to see your friend Keith. I’ll be watching and cheering from Chi-Town!

  • Go Keith!
    I don’t know him, but hey, that’s awesome!

  • SHUT UP!

    PR is one of my favorite shows EVER.

    I am having kittens because will miss the first two weeks and I have NO DVR! Dammit!

  • Definitely one of our favorite shows – and the fact that Keith made it on is awesome. His days as a struggling designer living somewhere between LA and NY are numbered. Hope he doesn’t forget us little guys when he gets big.

  • OMG I am such a hard core fan! I will keep an eye out for your friend…though I may not remember, I seldom view it soberly.

  • Superb!!!

    Keith, my child, you have done well to ensure the fame and prosperity of Nielson’s near, far, and all gray areas in between the two! As you embark on this project, forget not the Janglings of your twisted friend and lover, and the times we shared musing on wine and stylings on beaches a-plenty years back.

    May you and your great fitting jeans get noticed or go home! Mr. Klum and his gang of homosexual thieves have sewn their last, and neither she nor her bumpy faced sea-mammal husband will stand against us!

  • Thank god for the season’s pass set up on the ol’ DVR or else I’d have forgotten this damn show existed. I hope Bravo doesn’t skimp on editing the show the way they have on advertising. Bring on the crazy effed up outfits and designers!!

  • Go Keiff indeed!! No doubt he will show off his designing skills AND his leo da vinci tattoo on his upper bod for the viewers to enjoy. Tee hee.

  • I don’t watch Project Runway but that Filthy Gorgeous website should get permission to play the Scissor Sisters song of the same name (Filthy/Gorgeous).

  • Im sure I will be watching plenty of it since Suzanne is basically obsessed with it

  • Funny, I read this post just before jumping over here:


    Where the editors definitely requested that your friend take his shirt off on the show. On a regular basis. He’s the season hottie! You must be so proud!

  • Can’t wait for PR! I need a fashion fix, STAT!

  • How exciting! I love him…bought some of his stuff a few years ago at the Arts Festival.

  • I LOVE Project Runway and can’t wait! Good to know- not really, but know of, someone. Is he straight? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow night.

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