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Pug on Board

This morning killed me.  I got out of bed, had a shower and sat on the couch with a cup of coffee. Daisy jumped up, snuggled her way into my lap and promptly went to sleep.  She was so fucking adorable, that for just one moment, I wanted to throw a baby dress on her and rock her to sleep while singing lullabies.

But I didn’t. Instead I remembered what a pain in the ass she had been last night.

Daisy is very well behaved off a leash.  In fact, I don’t typically put on her leash until we’re crossing a main street.  She’s too lazy to run away, which is good since I’m too lazy to run after her.  I’ve never had a problem with this until last night.

We were walking past the bus stop, when she decided she’s had enough of this walking bullshit and tried to climb the stairs to the bus.  I didn’t know what to do; the woman who was trying to board the bus didn’t know what to do.  Finally, she picked Daisy up, handed her to me and said, “Looks like your doggy is trying to save the environment by taking mass transportation.” I laughed as I took Daisy from her. This woman obviously underestimates the laziness that is a pug.  Daisy just wanted to hitch a free ride so she didn’t have to walk in the heat.  And really, can you blame her?


  • Thats too Funny!

  • wow. that’s just too cute.

  • Your pug sounds much better than the ones I have experience with. To me, they were always loud, obnoxious, and prone to grunting like a pig.

    But Daisy sounds pretty cute.

  • The Flickr pictures of the pugstress really enhance this story. I think dogs are God’s way of reminding us that the he has a sense of humor, and he demonstrates this in many different breeds.

  • I think Daisy would lurv a dress. I don’t know her – but I’m sure she’s a fashionista waiting for a ballgown.


  • that snuggling up on the lap thing…that’s my pups way of trying to get me to stay home from work.

    he’s in a ball on my lap and deep deep “asleep” within 3 seconds of me sitting down.

  • I love that freaking doggie.
    I could have snuggled with her forever. (Even with the rampant farting that was going on in her hind section.)

  • HAHA! Green pugs…Al Gore would be proud.

  • That is too frickin cute!!!

    I bet she also wanted to sit in the free air conditioning.

  • You might really get concerned if she starts hailing cabs, or WORSE, calling for a driver to pick her up from the apartment.

    When my cats curl up in my lap, I nap. I have no desires of dressing them up, but I will skip work because THEY looked so comfortable. Hmmm…

  • As I commented before, I really want a pug. I’m considering buying one within the next 6 months. The main advantage to them, other than not really barking much at all, is their laziness. They just like to relax. I respect that.

  • Sounds like she totally takes after her mama!

  • To Daisy:

    Pay no attention to aforementioned blog. Your efforts to protect the environment via stimulation of the public transit economy such as your escapade today has fallen like so many pearls before a large sweaty lactating bovine. But the milk is ready to burst, and from the udders comes a new wave of humanity.

    Unlike Tracy, zeghsy, Ben, George, calicobebop, melissa, loralee, brittany, kate, lisa, sully sullivan, girlwithmask, or Niel Sarahstein himself, this bovine understands, lauds your pugnacious efforts, and bids you come to quothtrollpop.blogspot.com, and feast upon the hearty entrails we offer to all wrinkle-faced mammals, be they dingo, pug, trollpop or janglestein.

    No longer will this pearl hide tightly betwixt the hinges of a Sarah Bellum’s cloister shell of bloggery. Shed thy dresses and lullaby prisons, leap over the bus stairs of deception, and together we will dance the dance of freedom, flapping our wrinkly faces against the early morning dew with a gusto our forefathers and backmothers would have only dreamed of. It’s a gusto heartier than shrimp gumbo, and the spoons are free.

    A gift, and remembrance of your bravery and sacrifice:
    daisy | _ _ |
    ~~~—–(:OD) _| |_) | | |_ |
    / / _| | |_) |_| _| |
    ___________| |__ _____ __|
    {O} {O}

    semi colon ?

  • hahah thats so totally something millie, my lazy jack russell X Beagle would do..

    How sweet.. Give daisy cuddles for me =o)

  • Why, oh, why didn’t you get a picture of that? That would have been hilarious.

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