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Puggy gets Pretty

I took a much needed break from studying yesterday and drove to Park City. I’ve wanted to check out this cute little boutique for a while, so it was a perfect excuse to get out of SLC for a few hours. The adorable owner, Heather, sent home a present for Daisy.

Ignore my crazy lady dog voice in the video. I originally had music in the background so you didn’t have to hear it, but YouTube hates my guts and won’t overlook violating copyright laws. Pfff… bastards.

Daisy loves her new collar! I am slightly worried she thinks the collar is made out of cotton candy and celery the way she sniffed at it and licked her lips. As if I’d give that bitch cotton candy. Can you imagine cotton candy pug farts? I just dry-heaved thinking about it.


  • Wouldn’t cotton candy farts be an improvement? Sort of a light, fluffy, sweet untertone.

  • Oh, I love Daisy’s new collar! It’s tres chic! And you’ve apparently never heard my Crazy Dog Lady voice, because it’s way worse than that. I never used baby talk when Lauren was a baby, but now I seem to do it regularly with my dogs. I am clinically insane.

  • Oh man. First time in ages that I was eating while reading your blog again. Thanks for the gag factor. Hehe, your dog is so cute!

  • Cute! Fetchdog.com also has some adorable collar options. I have a Boston Terrier and I think he’s going to hate me soon…I’m considering ordering him a cupcake collar. I’m convinced that it’s OK since it’s green. Green is manly, right?
    Anyway, check ‘em out! They have a lot of really great stuff.

  • I love the way you love your girl!

  • Daisy is such a cutie pie.

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