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Raspberry Fizz is the New Knocked Up

Last night was the big launch party for the new issue of Wasatch Woman magazine. I wrote two features for this issue, so I was very excited to attend.

I got home from the day with plenty of time to get ready, but had a bit of a headache so I popped some Advil and decided to lie down on the couch for a few minutes until the headache was gone.

I woke up two hours later.


Knowing I was already 30 minutes late I didn’t have time to get ready. I quickly threw on the first clothes I saw, grabbed my purse and I was off.

While at a red light I looked in the mirror and realized my hair was a disaster. I ran my fingers through it, but it ended up looking even worse. Great. I’m the girl who goes to a party at an upscale salon with fuzzy hair.

At the next red light I tried to fix my bra. The straps needed to be tightened so I pulled down one side of my shirt for easy access. I do it in the bathroom all the time, so I didn’t think twice–until I heard the car next to me honking and looked up to see two teenage boys waving at me. Luckily the light turned green before I had a change to slit my own wrists.

I finally arrive at the party and the first thing I see is my editor, Pam, wearing the exact same shirt. The one time I wear a bright color instead of black and I end up with a doppelganger. Oh and Pam is pregnant, which means I looked like I was wearing a maternity shirt, too.

I’m naming my pretend baby Petunia. I’m also going to have a baby shower and request large bottles of vodka because I’m totally going to need them when I see the pictures from the party.


  • Oh My God. I can’t wait to sew Petunia some baby clothes. She’s going to be so cute.

  • Hey, I have that shirt too!

  • I think you looked fabulous! But I must say the funniest part was when ANOTHER lady walked in wearing the same shirt, but without sleeves. Guess we know what the hot color for the season is!

  • BWAHAHA! That is WAY too funny…although probably not at time! And your hair looked fine..fuzzy? Whatever. You crack me up.

  • I thought you looked adorable! And Lauren says she’ll babysit Petunia anytime you want.

  • Note to Sarah : ALWAYS set alarm when laying down after poppin some headaches tablets! Just wish I had been able to pass on this sage advise BEFORE you actually did it!
    <3 you! okay well more the interesting reading you provide!

  • I totally tried that shirt on in green!!!! Clearly everyone is on the same “cute shirt” hunt everytime they go into Target. “I just need shampoo and lightbulbs, but I better see if they got anything new in the clothing section JUST TO BE SAFE…”

  • OH GAWD! that is hilarious! i thought your hair looked adorable.

  • The rule at my house is if I lay down on the sofa I’m out for the night… So pretty much I’m not allowed to do it. I’m proud of you for only sleeping for two hours!!

    I wore an empire waist top one day last week and one of my clients asked me “So when are you… Are you expecting?” and I said “Expecting what? … OH no, I’m not pregnant, just apparently wearing a really unflattering shirt.”

  • You look adorable as always. And no sleep lines on your face. Nice job!

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