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Reason #8,464 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Pisses Me Off:

They send my brothers on missions. Chady-bear turns 20 tomorrow and I can’t see him because he’s in a foreign country serving God or something. And to make matters worse it’s against the rules to phone him.


  • I think that’s fair enough reason.

  • Apparently you can email him, and he can check his emails once a week. Maybe he cheats and reads them daily. that would be cool.

  • anon: I certainly think so.

    sterkworks: Only in some missions, and his is not one of them. Is it so wrong I miss my baby brother and want him home with his family?

  • No, it’s not wrong at all. I’m just happy I’m not the only person who gets really pissed off when “The Church” steals my family.

    When I saw my older sister off at the MTC umpteen years ago, when it was time for them to go and everyone was crying hysterically, I couldn’t help but think of that part in the movie Roots when they’re ripping the babies out of their mother’s arms to sell them into slavery. The similarities are haunting, I swear!

  • Technically it’s not stealing because those that go choose to go.

  • I suppose “choosing” to go is a term that can be used very loosely. I’ve seen several LDS families badger, manipulate, threaten, and bribe their kids into missions. I suppose in the end it’s still a choice, but is it REALLY?

  • I’ve seen multiple friends go on missions and just as many not go on missions. All have their reasons for going or not going. None of my friends that went on missions went because someone else wanted them to go. They wanted to go because they wanted to go. It was their choice to go.

    Some may go because mommy or daddy wants them to go but from my experience, people go because they want to go.

  • Amberly & Eric: Do I need to separate the two of you? Or should I pull this blog over and let the two of you out to fight it out? I can and I will. ;)

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