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Regret is the Enemy

Last Friday as I left the office my favorite nerd asked me what I was doing over the weekend. “I’m cutting my hair off on Saturday and going to Pride Festival on Sunday.”

“Uh, why would you do that?”

“Do what? Drink wine coolers in public to support all things gay?”

“Not that, the hair part. You’re really cutting it off? I almost told you earlier how great it looked after our scooter ride. It really does flow nicely.”

“Thanks, but it’s fuzzy and I hate it so I’m cutting it off and giving it to the cancer kids.”

“Ohh, those poor little kids. Cancer is bad enough, why punish them with your hair?”

“What the hell? You just said how pretty it was. Can’t you see what a good thing I’m doing? I’m giving my beautiful, golden locks to kids who need hair.”

“Sarah, you just said you hated your hair!”

“Hated hair is better than no hair. Why do you ALWAYS have to ruin everything for me?”

As I made my dramatic exit I couldn’t help but wonder if I was, indeed, making a huge mistake. It’s silly, I know, but long hair makes me feel prettier and skinnier. Short hair, not so much. I ignored my fear and stuck with my plan.

My short hair has been surprisingly more work than before. Sure there’s less blow-drying time, but then I’m faced with trying to find clothes that match my new style. Boho country girl clothes don’t really work without the long waves. So for now I just wear jeans and wife-beaters.

short new haircut

biker hair

Those cancer kids had better appreciate my hair, because when it grows back I’m keeping it.


  • NO! Don’t regret your hair! It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I think you look so sophisticated! It’s difficult going from one hair style to another. Once you get the hang of styling it, you’ll love it. You look so awesome. I love it and I think you look stunning!!!

  • I think you’re crazy! You look fantastic. So chic and stylish. I, too, loved your hair. I was very envious. But I really, REALLY like this, too!

  • Love it Sarah. It’s very classy and chic! I don’t think there is any look you can’t pull off!

    And uh, why the cancer kids? Why not give your hair to someone who really really needs it like me!

    Side note:
    I think you need to write a post giving instructions on how to start a pink scooter. I’m storing one for a friend and took it out to take it for a ride and realized I have NO idea how to start the damn thing! Pfsh!

  • I love your new hair! Very cute and very summery! And the cancer kids thank you! (can’t you hear them?)

  • Love your hair.

  • I think it’s fantastic!
    Have you tried it wavey yet?

  • “Slow down, crazy. Slow down”.

    You’re hair looks amazing. From your tweets I imagined horror, but this looks incredible!

  • Are you kidding? Your hair looks bitchin. You’ll get used to styling it. Tres chic.

  • love the new look!!.. your way hawter now ;)

  • I absolutely love the new do. You look stunning m’dear, simply stunning! And kudos to you for having the balls to make such a drastic change.

  • That is still totally long enough to pull of boho country chic.

  • I go through the same delima’s when i change my style. I personally think your cut is adorable and great for the season. Keep it!! …oh, and let’s do lunch!

  • I LOVE the new ‘do! I think it looks amazing. But then, you’d look good with any hairstyle and pretty much in a potato sack. But that just goes without saying!

  • I love it! I hope you don’t find this insulting (I think it’s a compliment) but it’s very YOUNG Samantha Jones. Please note the YOUNG part!!! I’m “21″ myself and we’re far too young to be considered cougars – we’re cubs at best. :)

  • Love the short hair! It’s extremely flattering and probably healthier. Plus, just think of all the cancer kids who can now we cute blonds! :)

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