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Retro Vote

Today I was forced to vote old school: WITH A PAPER BALLOT!

After months of preparing to vote I walked into my assigned polling station this morning to discover my name wasn’t listed on the electoral role.  I’ve obsessively checked the county website for months so I know I’m registered.  Right before I was about to burst into tears of frustration I was told I could cast a provisional ballot.  It was actually sort of cool to get my retro on and fill out a ballot by hand.  I’m a tad worried about the whole affair, but am going to remain hopeful that my vote will indeed count… well count as much as a Democratic vote in Utah can count.



  • i voted paper ballot too. the precinct here is old school

  • I voted paper because I voted absentee. I still have an eerie feeling that it will be thrown away. Not unlike my vote for Obama.

  • That’s all we have up here is paper ballots. I’ve never voted any other way. We’re old school all the way.

  • Which is not at all!

    (Democratic vote counting in UT)


  • We still use paper ballots, but we get to mail ours in or drop them off. Still have to mark that oval with a #2 pencil.

  • I voted absentee ballot.
    But it was on paper.

    I voted for Obama too.

    Woo hoo!!

  • of course this is a conspiracy!

    I love a politician with a nick-name in quotes on the ballot. Classy! i hope you voted for big chucky the bald man baldwin!

  • Kind of funny that on YOUR ballot, in UT, Obama’s name is at the top of the list, and on MY ballot, in MN, McCain’s name is at the top of the list. Does that count as irony? I’m still not totally clear on the meaning of that word…

  • Provisional? So your vote counts provided that… what? My bet is they won’t bother counting it. But you’re right, at least on the National level your vote doesn’t count here.

  • Here in Arizona Obama is on the top too.
    When the election first started I was pretty sure that my vote for Obama would be nothing here, but now the race even in McCain’s home state is pretty close, so I’m excited.

  • I understand thy frustration my angel. Here in South Dakota, a vote for Charles O. “Chuck” Baldwin is virtually meaningless, what with the heavily leaning Gloria La Riva MTV-generation :-(.

  • It might be because I voted early, but here in Florida the ballots were paper too. When I voted in ’04 it was electronic, but that was in Palm Beach County. We all know what happens when PBC has paper ballots. I think ’04 was the first time they had electronic voting (juding by the “chad” scandal), but I’ve only voted in a presidential election twice.

    McCain was first on my ballot too.

  • I voted paper ballot, too, by choice. Old school all the way, baby!

  • Hmm…mine was electronic. Don’t know what’s wrong with y’alls.

    Look! Trollpop is back!

  • Paper is all we have in australia.. well in south australia anyways =o)

    YAY Obama. i hope he wins.. as an australian i have not been following this at all, but he looks like the right choice to me =o)

  • I hope it gets counted. Many people think that “provisional ballot” is a euphemism for “we’ll let them think they voted, and then just chuck it after they’ve left”.

  • Do not accept a provisional ballot, which deposits your name at the bottom of a very long list of problem ballots. Instead, demand adjudication from the poll judges, who are always present in each voting location, as well as a poll lawyer.

  • Here in Michigan McCain was first and we also have paper ballots. I am not sure why. I also voted for Obama. Go Obama!

    Welcome back Trollpop.

    I can’t believe they gave you a provisional ballot. That is so wrong.

  • In Ohio provisional ballets are not counted until the id of the voter can be verified (10 days after the election)…I am assuming we have something like that happening here

  • WOW I just saw that Obama won! See ur vote did count =o) YAY Obama!

  • Who won? “That one”. And I couldn’t be happier about that.

  • Happy Birthday Sarah. I got you a new president for your birthday. one full of hope and change.

    You’re welcome.

  • Congratulations on Obama getting in. Lets hope he survives his term. I hope so!

  • You got your birthday present.
    History is being made.
    This is a time of hope.

    I’m excited beyond words.

  • Thats one way to ensure your vote gets counted! If you watched CNN closely, Obama voted with an old school paper ballot as well! Congrats to all of the Americans (I am not one) that got out and voted. Even if your vote gets thrown out Sarah, you got your birthday wish: Barak Obama as president-elect!

  • Do you realize you were probably the victim of a Republican voter-roll purge?

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