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Today I regain custody of RLO.  I’m a tad nervous about what condition I’ll find him in.  I swear if he comes back quoting scriptures every time I have another glass of wine I’ll rip that Holy Ghost right out of him.  Then I’ll make the Holy Ghost my new best friend naming him Hank.  Hank, RLO and I will become the new, hip three musketeers.

We’ll ride off into the sunset on white horses.  Wait, did they have horses?  I didn’t read the book and the only thing I remember about the movie was Charlie Sheen.  It was 1993.  I was way too busy trying not to get knocked up in the back of the movie theater to pay much attention to anything on screen.

I have a long list of activities for this week.  Though I haven’t actually shown him the list—he has a much harder time saying no to me in person.  It’s because I bat my beautiful, long lashes while threatening to give Daisy to him.  He has a hard time saying no at that point.  He’d do anything to stay away from my dog, even driving me to Utah County to play mini-golf at Liberty Land.

Yes, I will take pictures.  You’re welcome.


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