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RLO Hearts Bones

I’ve been incredibly stressed out trying to figure out how I’m going to manage both school and work this semester. When I get stressed out I withdraw, cancel plans and stay home.

RLO must be in tune to the inner working of Sarah because he planned an entire day of activities yesterday.  He picked me up in the morning and kept me busy until 8:00 pm. We ate good food, saw a good movie and went to see Body Worlds 3 one last time before the exhibit closes.

The lines were pretty long to get in, but we kept busy. Much like at a concert, there was a phone number you could text message and the messages would display on the wall, complete with a dancing skeleton. And because I’m a 15-year-old at heart I text messaged it for at least twenty minutes.

I wanted to text “RLO hearts boners” but I’m trying to be nicer to RLO, AND he threatened to kill me and sell me to the museum for display if I did.

In spite of the occasional death threat, he’s such amazing friend to me, which is why I’m planning on having him all to myself. The first step is to get rid of his friend Sugar. I planned to hire a hit man, but it’s too expensive and would put a strain on my textbook budget. I thought I could sell her into white slavery, but that seems like a lot of work. The only option left is to find her a suitable boyfriend that will keep her busy enough that she won’t have time for RLO.

She really is a lovely girl if you can get past the fact that she’s trying to ruin my life.  Sooooo, if there’s any handsome men out there who want a date let me know. I’ll throw in a free blender.

Actually if there’s a handsome man he’s mine, but if there’s a sort of homely looking man who lives with his mother, Sugar is all yours.

Oh, and I’m serious about the blender.


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