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RLO's Diverse Musical Interests

RLO dragged me into Williams-Sonoma again last night.

I don’t cook so I’ll never fully appreciate the appeal of that store. I get bored after two seconds in the store and am forced to find other entertainment. My idea of entertainment is bugging RLO when he’s busy concentrating on grapefruit knives. Now he’ll never know which grapefruit knife is superior. Damn.

“Hey RLO, which would you rather have an espresso maker or an Apple TV?”

“Oh, definitely the appletini.”

“That’s pretty interesting since I didn’t mention an appletini, you don’t drink, and you’re supposedly straight.”

I can’t be sure what his comment was afterward, because I was too busy picturing him sitting on his couch in a silk robe, drinking an appletini and listening to Barbra Streisand records.


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