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Sarah-ness Squared

With the weather as close to summer as I’ve felt in a very long time, I thought there was no better time to remind you of the dangers that come along with the season. No, not sunburns. Worse. Far worse. Open car windows are far more dangerous than skin cancer for a smart ass like me.

This afternoon while driving to the airport to pick Ben up I forgot my windows were open. I was impatiently waiting for a man and his toddler son to cross the street so I could make a right turn, when I mistakenly yelled, “Pick the kid up and carry him asshole. Let’s go already!” Of course my windows were open and they heard me.  I felt horrible.

Don’t let this happen to you people! Roll up your car window before uttering bitchy comments. I’d like to say I learned my lesson, but chances are this will happen half a dozen more times before summer ends.


  • This happened to me today too. We were trying to turn into our driveway, and a limping man was walking down the sidewalk, and I said “Come on, gimp, get out of the way!” while Ian’s window was down. It wasn’t very loud, and I’m not sure if he heard, but I felt a little bit bad. I’m a bad person, aren’t I? Yeah, probably. But here’s the thing: I’d say it again.

  • Yes, but far more important: did the guy pick up the kid and get out of the way?

  • It’s when little ak yelled, “Come on Grandma, move it!” that I started to watch myself…

  • you truly are going to hell… again 🙂

  • When I hear things like that, I smile, even if it’s directed at me, because it’s rare to hear what someone is really thinking.

  • This happens to me all of the time, I don’t think my husband appreciates my outspokeness during those times.

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