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Jesus fixed my Internet connection.  Seriously.  True story.

Saturday when my modem decided to fail in the middle of an online test for school I panicked.  I called Comcast and found they couldn’t help me until the store opened Monday morning.  I was livid, but there was nothing I could do.

At dinner later that night I recounted the story to RLO.  Being the perfect non-gay, Canadian BFF that he is, he called his brother and asked if he could help.  His brother agreed to come Sunday morning and take a look at the problem.  I thanked RLO by not making out with him.

When I got home that night I checked again and my connection still wasn’t working.  Do you know what a girl does on a early night in without an Internet connection?  She does her dishes.  Her two-week old dishes.  And then she stops talking about herself in third person because it’s pretty damn annoying.

The next morning I cleaned my apartment and put on my “RLO is the New Black” tee-shirt.  I’ve never met RLO’s brother, and wanted to look my best. Remember RLO likes to keep his real life a secret from me?  I was about to call the brother when I decided to check the connection one last time.  I found it working perfectly.  It’s obvious what happened: RLO went home and prayed to Jesus that I would behave in front of his brother and not embarrass him.  Jesus being the smart man that he is realized that he the son of God couldn’t even get me to behave, so instead he fixed my Internet connection.

Obviously I’m very thankful, but was too busy catching up online to go to church and properly thank Jesus yesterday.  So instead, I’d like to give a shout out to my homeboy Jesus.  You da’ man J-dawg.


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