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Schools should have 'Future Ex-Girlfriends of America' clubs. I nominate my niece, Hannah, as president.

Someday I’m going to cherish the extra time I’ve been spending with my niece and nephew, but currently I’m rolling my eyes and laughing at them a lot.

“Aunt Sarah your puppy reminds me of a boy.”

“She’s a girl.”

“I know that, duh. I said she REMINDS me of a boy.”

“OK, why does she remind you of a boy?”

“She sleeps all the time and brings slugs into the house.”

“Hannah, which boys do that?”

“All of them.”

“Have you been hanging out with my high school ex-boyfriends?”

“No. I don’t even know what an ex boyfriend is.”

“It’s the boys you don’t ever marry.”

“Oh, well I want a LOT of ex boyfriends.”

I don’t think she has anything to worry about. With her sassy personality I suspect she’ll have a lifetime supply of ex-boyfriends… just like her auntie.


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