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Shake That Healthy Butt

Yesterday afternoon I picked the kids up at school and was headed home when my random iPod mix started playing Richard Cheese singing “Baby Got Back.” Naively, I didn’t bother changing it because the kids were talking and I didn’t think they’d even notice. They did, and LOVED it! And really, why wouldn’t they, the song says butt repeatedly–which is apparently a bad word. They insisted on listening to it over and over–always on a quest to be the “fun auntie” I let them.

Once we were inside Target I realized what a bad idea it had been. I was looking at jackets and they were singing lyrics about asses, which wasn’t exactly a big hit with those Utah County mothers. For a moment I thought about pretending they weren’t with me, but once Hannah started shaking her butt and singing I didn’t have the heart to. Instead I scooped her up, gave her a kiss and told her she was the best dancer I’d ever seen. And it was the truth.


  • Loving your blog. Interesting that you got softly “dooced”… Found you via twitter. Keep up the attitude, and good luck with those kids.

  • the fact that you listen to richard cheese … well, i don’t know what.

    of course, i have some on my ipod too, so i can’t exactly claim innocence.

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