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Sisterhood of the Vintage Pyrex

My metamorphosis into old maid is complete. I’ve decided now is the time to start collecting things. I have given this collecting business a lot of thought, and have decided to collect Pyrex. My lovely pseudo sisters all collect Pyrex and I’ll never be accepted into the sisterhood if I don’t.

Given my love of all things pink I decided my first piece should this little beauty:

I’ve named her Rose and we’re going to be very happy together. Once I learn how to cook, or hang shelves on my wall to display her properly.  I’ve also promised to bring her home some sisters soon.  Which means I’ll be scrounging through my mom’s kitchen ASAP.


  • be careful. once you start its impossible to stop.

  • Beware the imitation Corning Ware.. I was about to volunteer a piece and then I remembered it was a knock-off!

    And may I suggest, ahem, the D.I.?

  • I have a bowl almost exactly like that except for the fact it is brown, not pink.

    Scary part? I’m a guy and a good deal younger than you.

  • it’s called pink gooseberry by pyrex. i’m in love with it too, but sadly lack the cash reserves at the present.

  • You’re dangerously close to being domestic. Quick! Order some chinese food or pizza to remind yourself that you don’t cook unless it’s out of a box.

  • Rose is very pretty. I have her little sister on the top shelf, but she’s just called “The little pink Gooseberry one.”

    As for imposters, your little Pyrex was made by Corning. Some collectors also collect Corning and even Fireking pieces but I’m a purist. If the bottom doesn’t say Pyrex it can’t come play at my house.

  • I love you Sarah,but PLEASE do not give me any new ideas of things to collect. I have too much stuff already!

    Oh, and I beat you in the old maid department – I have many, many collections AND four cats. So there!

  • Pyrex rocks. Honestly. Great stuff.

  • RockandCookies: So Rose isn’t Pyrex even though the bottom says she is? Huh? Tutor me.

  • YES SHE IS! I was referring to the commenter who called Corningware an imitation/knock off which isn’t the case, as Pyrex is made by Corning… One is not an imposter of the other. Rose is a perfect (and pretty rare because of her pinkness) piece!

  • Awwww so lovely.. Man i love Pyrex =o)

  • Pyrex is the gateway drug to Hummels:)

  • I love pyrex so much that I named my first cat after it!

    Pyrex the cat.

  • For the SLCer with a Pyrex fetish, try checking out Cobwebs Antiques & Collections:

    1054 E 2100 S
    Salt Lake City, UT 84106
    (801) 485-9295‎

    Last time I was in there they had some nice pieces. I was there perusing the lunchboxes and Mr T paraphernalia.

  • I LOVE Pyrex. I stole all my mother’s. They are the best dishes to make quick microwavable stuffs in so they did me well throughout college. Mine are white and olive green. But I would love more. I need to start antiquing.

  • I adore her!
    I have the fever also.
    I have a mixing bowl set in primary colors and a red/orange dot mixing bowl.
    I wouldn’t part with them.
    Keep looking.
    Happy hunting and never forget one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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