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Slutting Around the Interwebs

I haven’t posted much here because I’m incredibly lazy, but I have posted in other places. I’m a Internet slut who gets around apparently.

You can read my column for In Utah This week about Black Friday here, AND you can read my first post over at Aiming Low. My friends Brittany and Anissa asked me to join their team over there. I said yes, because I was scared what they would do if I said no.

So there you go. Me and Aiming Low, pretty much a match made in heaven, right? Right.


  • Just for future reference, this year, Amazon.com had “Black Friday” for the entire week before Thanksgiving. I pretty much did all of my shopping there. I know that doesn’t help with this year, but I would imagine that they’ll do it again next year. A whole week of shopping with no pants on…what could be better??

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