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Smooth Skin, Bumpy Conversation

Kelli called me last night as I was in the bathroom washing my face before bed. Usually I would have just called her back, but because we always end up playing phone tag I answered the call and immediately put her on speaker.

“I promise I’m not using a vibrator. I know it sounds like one but it’s this new Clean and Clear’s Blackhead Eraser that I bought at Target tonight.”

“Sarah, our friendship just died. You cannot answer the phone and talk about a vibrator instead of saying hello.”

“Oh yes I can, it’s going to bring us closer together.”

We continued our conversation as I washed my face. She told me all about playing Bunko with some friends. I pointed out it was only a matter of time until she moved back to Utah and joined out mother’s game group. She told me to shut-up.

I finished up with my mini-facial and was admiring my smooth skin in the mirror.

“Damn that feels good.”

“Well of course it does. That’s the point of a vibrator, Sarah.”


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