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Some Bunny Hates me and it’s The Yuppie

The Yuppie invited me to an Easter party last night. (Un)fortunately I had plans and couldn’t attend. The party was a bunny hunt where the women were requested to dress like bunnies. I figured this is why he invited me; I am, after all, a Delta Rabbit. Then I got a second look at the invitation:

“Everyone, in the spirit of a good hunt please bring a single friend or friends… it is a hunt after all.”

Oh. My. God. He wasn’t inviting me because he wanted my company. He was inviting me to get rid of me! There’s something a tad disturbing when the man you used to date is trying to hook you up with other people. I’ve seen the episode of “Sex in the City” where Samantha takes the guy she’s trying to get rid of to a similar party, so I know what he’s up to. The Yuppie is so fired. If he wants back into my life he’s going to have to persuade me with a LOT of chocolate, cheese and wine.


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