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Sometimes I get Naked on Accident

A few weeks ago I bought a very UN-Sarah style shirt from Forever 21. It’s a white, flowy tunic shirt with a tie in the back and sorta reminds me of my favorite jacket.

The first time I wore it my friend, Mark, told me I reminded him of Maryann on “True Blood.” She’s cute enough, I guess, but she’s a BAD GUY! Not exactly who you want to look like.

I didn’t wear the shirt again for a while. You know, because I’m nothing like that crazy chick. Shut up.

Moving on.

I decided to give the shirt another chance and wore it to school. Walking to my car after class I started unbuttoning the shirt. The kid next to me looked over and said, “LADY, what are you doing?!”

I stopped dead in my tracks. Holy shit, I confused my shirt for a jacket and nearly flashed a child. Can you imagine calling my mother to bail me out of jail for public indecency? I can. She’d probably yell at me and then ask me if I got a date out of it because moms always question your dating life. Even when you refuse to have one.


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