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Sometimes Math IS Useful

Last night was cheap beer night at the Grizzlies Game. So we all went. I was late getting there since I have a Tuesday night Math class, but I arrived just in time to hear Ben arguing with the beer vendor.

Beer Vendor: “You can either get a 10 oz. beer for one dollar, or a 32 oz. beer for four dollars. But I recommend you get the larger beer. It’s a better deal.”

Ben: “Actually that’s not true. If I get the small beer I save 2.5 cents per ounce. Trust me, I did the math before I got here.”

BV: “But the 32 oz beer is larger therefore you have more beer.”

Ben: “Yes, but that’s not the point, the point is to save money on beer. That’s the whole idea behind cheap beer night. I can buy a large beer at four dollars or four small beers at four dollars. Same amount of money but 8 oz less, which makes zero sense.”

At that point the beer vendor stopped talking to him and poured the beers. I guess math really is used in every day life, and here I thought it was a waste of my time.


  • beer sucks

  • I thought at first that the service industry was retarded at math, but I think they actually are counting on us being retarded at math. People like Ben must really chap their hides.

  • Or you could buy a 6 pack for 4 bucks at the 7-11 and not have to watch hockey. But where’s the blood in that.

  • It was also cheap beer night at Porcupine, $2 pints. The only difference there? The beer at porcupine is way way better.

  • perhaps if all math story problems had practical applications like that, more people would be better at math? I’ll pass that advice along to the math dept. I’m sure they’ll be totally thrilled to hear it.

  • I would have bought the larger beer. Sure, its more money, but I’d have to talk with the beer guy less in the evening and that sounds like a good thing…

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