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Spam Mail is Just Like the Democratic Party. Caring and Awesome.

Spam mail rules. Seriously, where else are you going to learn about the basic human rights of hookers?

This email showed up in my email yesterday:

Picture 78

I’ve been so ignorant all these years not considering the fact hookers are people. I guess it has been a while since I’ve seen “Pretty Woman.”

As much as I love this email, it’s sorta confusing that I’m supposed to care about the plight of hookers, and then immediately buy Viagra.

How is that even saving a hooker?

Maybe they should try something like: Hookers won’t have sex with you, but they will ask you to sign a petition and then sell you bacon-flavored Viagra.

Bacon-flavored Viagra!

That’s where the big money is. I don’t have a penis and I’d still buy into that one.


  • Sarah, as a hooker let me explain this caring email. There ain’t nothin worser than a limp disk john. Times was that wished I had some Viagra (bacon flavored or not) jest to give to my ‘customer’ so we could get it up and get it done.

  • I am trying to figure out how to wrap the economy, hookers, stimulus package(s) and viagra into a hilarious comment but I can’t find where to include the bacon. .. or the hilarity.

    It’s there somewhere though, I know it!

  • “…then sell you bacon-flavored Viagra.”

    What is wrong with me that I read this as “bacon-flavored vagina”? Then again, wouldn’t that be an ingenious marketing scheme?

  • how about new york steak with fine red wine flavored vagina, or how about cheetos flavored vagina

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