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Spam Mail Lies

Sarah Bellum, Tales of Wit and CharmI opened the email, and contrary to the promise, I’m still worried.
Mostly about the following:

1) Who will get the Republican nomination.
2) Driving in the snow.
3) Who will get cut on the next Project Runway.
4) How I’m going to pass my math class.
5) If my bread pudding burn is going to scar.
6) Why my bank about never seems to have a surplus of cash.
7) If yellow tail shiraz is still on sale.
8) If Arlo is going to kick me out of life for making fun of his middle name.

You know important stuff.


  • It was on sale when I went on friday! So was the Resling I like. I’m just glad Guliani’s out, but Huckabee and McCain still scare me. Woo Hoo Super Tuesday!

  • midge: I still haven’t had time to go. I had to drink vodka last night.

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