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Spanish can suck it. So can Kelli.

I’ve never had an interest in learning to speak Spanish. I’d much rather spend the time improving my slang and teen vernacular, or napping. Not that there’s anything wrong with the Spanish language, I just never found it appealing.

My friend Kelli is a typical teacher who thinks everyone should learn new things. She is also a giant whore.

Yesterday, while I worked a few extra hours, she started packing my apartment for my upcoming move. When I moved the boxes I found a hidden Spanish lesson:

She must really want me to learn Spanish. Speaking of which, does anyone know the translation for controlling, bossy whore?


  • Isn’t that “La Kelli”?

  • uuhm whore would be “puta”, bossy would be “mandona” and controlling well that would be “controladora”. but to make it easy for you…”perra” sums it up.

  • A mi no tienes vida, pendeja.

  • At least she left the translation on there for you! I still have a comment from her that I have no idea what it means!

  • words are powerful, they are the outward expressions from your inner soul and heart! but other cultures dont think like us. you cannot translate word for word. try it! esa es la dia de amor, no es bastante senitir, pero es necesario sentir alguena buena de todas de sus amigas y amigos! wonderful! as for your vagina, honestly! lmao! so much for penis envy eh? finally moving sucks but you will be shocked and dismayed at the sum totality of all the shit you thought you needed and then let the dust bunnies promulgate under your preambulations! cya!

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