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Spring Break for the Ancient

Today is the first day of spring break. THANK GOD! I’m leaving for D.C. Monday morning. I can’t wait! I started planning the trip out last night.

So far I’ve packed:

two pairs of pajamas

fiber pills

Which works perfectly since the only things on my agenda thus far are:




I know I should visit at least a couple war memorials, but that’s just so depressing. I don’t want to be depressed on spring break. I want to be sleeping. Or drunk. But not too drunk, I don’t want to be the old lady who dances atop bar tables. Unless I’m being paid for it.

I definitely want to check out Eastern Market and hopefully find some thrift stores to scour. Are any of you from the D.C. area and can offer advice on where to go? Thrift stores and otherwise? Mama needs some new/old Pyrex bowls. Rose is very lonely.


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