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Starbucks vs. Bad Ass Coffee

AK and Mrs. AK threw a brilliant Halloween party this year. Forgetting that their friends who own Bad Ass Coffee would be there, I dressed up as a Starbucks barista, complete with a venti cup of red wine! And so the competition began. Steve was a great sport and posed for some pictures. Sadly, the best photos of the night won’t be posted.


Because the hot man in an apron spanking me with a spatula didn’t want them posted. I can’t blame him though, as he was without clothes under the apron. Oy!


  • That’s funny!

  • How come I never get invited to these kinds of parties? Oh yeah – I’m married, have kids and am fat.


    —The Toad

  • I want to see that picture. Were you naked too? If so then I have to see it.

  • Ignore the man and post them anyway. Since when do you care?

  • Was the high school dance boys or girls choice?

  • Bad Ass Coffee is located @ 3530 S. State St. in SLC, UT and is conducting The Live “Fox13″ US Veterans program on nov. 9, 2007, Bright and Early @ The Coffee Shope to honor US Army Veterans. Please contribute to our Soldiers, who are currently serving on the other side of this planet, as we provide our combat soldiers with Kona Blend Coffee to bring freedom and liberty to those people under oppression. Thank you for your awareness and dedication to keeping The United States of America safe. You can find me @ http://www.slcbadasscoffee.com

  • hey, just wanted to delurk to say great costume and GREAT hair!

  • I second the hair comment. Sexy!

  • I still have a Starbucks hat from my Barista days. It’s never been worn. If I had only known about your costume plans in advance… Ah, you’re still welcome to it.

  • What’s with the disembodied head and hands? Halloween special effects, the ghost of baristas past? That’s so weird…

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