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Still Not Worth the Drive

Ben: “You HAVE to go to Bogies tonight!”

Sarah: “Umm, what is that and why?”

Ben: “It’s a club in Ogden that’s giving away a free boob job tonight.”

Sarah: “What are you trying to say Ben?”

Ben: “Nothing! You’re the one who wants it, and free is free.”

Sarah: “But is driving to Ogden really worth boobs?”

Ben: “Not even close.”

Sarah: “Okay, well thanks for thinking of my tits.”

Ben: “Eww. I gotta go.”


  • For those of you who don’t believe, Ben really does talk like this. He’s weird, but in a very unique cool way.

  • Perhaps you just need to start dating a successful IT professional?

    I did. And I’m planning on scheduling a boob job before next June.

    Cheers to ta-tas.

  • Dear Sarah
    One day you will find someone.
    So far, it seems like you have just hit alot of tar pits.

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