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Street Trash

Dear Asshole in the red Toyota Landcruiser,

Putting a sticker on your vehicle that reads: “I think it was a mistake to give women the right to vote,” just shows what a prick you really are. Also, smoking a cigar while driving at 8:30 AM doesn’t help your image.

I’m trying to be more careful with my karma, but will risk it when I say, “I hope you burn in hell.”



  • Dang girl. I know people do some pretty idiotic things, but don’t let it ruin your whole day!

    Remember, you can’t fix stupid!

  • I’m sure females must be thrilled that they have such an eloquent crusader in their corner, and that this post doesn’t at all perpetuate the “crazy, irrational woman” stereotype.

  • I, for one, don’t think its crazy or irrational to be upset over such a bumper sticker. What is wrong with people?

  • doug: No worries, it didn’t ruin my day at all!

    anon: A crusader? Really? I’m merely commenting on something that bothered me. I don’t think that makes me crazy or irrational, just opinionated–which, by the way, is a good thing!

    Jess: Oh, Jess, I wish I knew…

  • Whoa ladies! I think that bumper sticker represents the lower end of gene pool.

    I’m just trying to say that don’t let some idiot (who doesn’t even know you are angry) cause you needless stress in your life.

    That applies to a lot of road rage that happens out there. I myself find it hard to not haul off a smack people like these upside the head. But in my case getting mad NEVER improves my mood and may negatively effect those that are around me who I DO care about!

    The only thing I have total control over in this life is how I act and/or react. My apologies if you thought I endorsed this moron.

  • He wins. Another irrational woman responds to his idiocy. He probably has at least one exwife out there that reacted just like Sara when he pushed their, “I want to piss you off button”.

    Learn to control it girl. You’re in the gutter with him.

  • Wow. All this over a bumper sticker? As a woman I find the sticker offensive, and while we are on the topic of offensive, what crawled up anonymous’ ass and died? Why the hate? Unless you’re the moron in the vehicle, and if so you deserve a scathing post not a fully little clip.

  • I must be smoking something crazy…cause you are all making me laugh so hard. Anyways, perhaps some young punk stuck this to the back of his vehicle last night and he doesn’t even know it is there. Poor soul…and here we are judging him. But still…smoking a cigar at 8:30 in the morning. Just sayin…

  • We must all remember “Don’t feed the Trolls!”


  • I think anon and bumper sticker guy deserve a slow jerk…

  • My favorite thing about anonymous shit-stirrers is that they do it anonymously. Personally, when I write something that I hope will be hurtful, annoying, or cause some sort of contention, I want to take all of the credit, because what fun is it to be a complete ass-hole if nobody even knows it was you?

  • I saw a bumber sticker once that said “My dog is smarter than your Republican.” Now THERE’S a keeper!

  • Anything But Anonymous

    Sara, I’m sorry people don’t get your humor, I laughed at this post.

    I suppose that’s what your intentions were.

  • End Women’s Suffrage!

  • If Women’s suffrage was taken away could Hillary still be president?

  • SARAH! that DUDE is my neighbor and he is the freakiest, sicko I have ever met/seen. I personally have had him banned from most coffee joints in the sugarhood. Just trying to do my part!

  • (We must all remember “Don’t feed the Trolls!”)


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