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Strength in Numbers… of Nielsons

I’m thrilled to see August end. It’s been an emotional shit storm for me. I’ve had to make some difficult life decisions, you know, the grown up variety. As a result I’ve been a giant ball of stress and anxiety.

I can’t discuss most of what’s going on, but I can mention that my lease ends in a month and I’m not able to extend it like I had expected, which sucks on so many levels. Can I even find a place that will accept two dogs, one of which is a puppy? Do I give Rosie Finlinson back? Or do I step up and buy my own house? I’ve been a complete mess trying to figure out what to do.

Enter three amazing brothers.

They all caught wind of the situation and jumped into the picture immediately. Each of them called and offered me a place to live while I figure things out. I have three brothers who are all willing to house me and two crazy, farty pugs so I don’t have to rush my decision or give up Rosie.

I was so incredibly touched by their offers, because I know they all meant it. When my brother Jeff said, “Sarah, everyone loves you and we have your back.” I couldn’t even respond. I was too busy pretending not to cry.

Sometimes I forget just how much they care. Jeff’s words reminded me of my favorite Avett Brother lyrics: Always remember, there is nothing worth sharing, like the love that let us share our name.

It’s such a simple statement, but holds so much truth. I really am so lucky to share the name Nielson with them. It’s not quite so scary seeing what the future holds when I have so many people on my side.


  • I’ve been in a similar situtation – family is the bomb.

  • Yay family. Remember you have a pretend family too. We can’t build stuff or anything because we’re down a brother but we’re super good at sisterness.

  • Family is such a blessing! I’m sure things will turn around real soon, I’m a big believer than there is a cosmic balance in our world, and that to every negative there is a positive reaction that shows up sooner or later. This could be a great time for your family to grow stronger, who knows!

    Also, the Avett Brothers RULE! :)

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