I love hearing from readers, not as much as I love wine, but a VERY close second!


Sundays with Maddie

are no Tuesdays with Morrie!
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  • Okay…. I want to be at the movies and then dinner with some wine. Instead, I went to Costco…my gawd. They need to pass out drugs at the entrance. I am single and no kids…so buying enough of anything to last 5 years does not appeal to me.
    But…they have good buys on TV’s.
    So away I went. Beat the hell out of this TV geeky but very nice man and purchased the damn thing. Barely could get it in my car.
    NOW….it is sitting in the box in my garage because I can’t lift it and I have to get it upstairs. Why in the hell did I do this without having prior arrangements made for help????

    I always think I am a bigger girl and I can handle it by my little self. Nice TV still in garage and who knows for how long.

    Any cute, tall, dark men who want to assist? I know this is not match.com

    I want the wine and dinner now….

  • silly girl: I’d be more than happy to help you with the TV, but I’d probably put it at my house rather than yours. I’m a bitch like that. Open a bottle of red, sounds like you need it.

  • Looks like a perfect Sunday!

  • It’s too bad the movie wasn’t a little longer.

  • Did the city survive you two?

  • I just realized something: your dates with Maddie are better than your dates with guys.

    Who needs to date guys when you have friends like that?

  • Liquor and wine? Does that sound like this, “You NEVER do this for ME!”

  • Champagne? How did that get left out of the post?

    Warm prawns salad from Red Rock…. mmmmmm….. drooling.

  • What Erat said. Girls are way more fun than stupid ol’ boys.

  • i’m jealous.

  • I want to meed Midge!

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