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Sweeter Than You

There’s something about my co-worker AND FRIEND, Robyn, that brings out my competitive side.

We compete over important things like grape size, whose frozen lunch is healthier, and then there was The Great Pudding-Off of 2009. We made the office nerds judge who had the tastiest sugar-free pudding.

Last night when I was grocery shopping I decided to pick up some gum to take to the office. I got some for both of us because I’m sweet like that. She likes the Extra Berry Pearadise and I love the Extra Sweet Watermelon. There’s been no clear gum winner until now:

biggest loser gum

Her gum was on clearance while mine was full price. She may get the better deal, but MY GUM IS BETTER BECAUSE IT COSTS MORE. I WIN. I WIN. I WIN.


  • And presumably yours sells better, too.

  • Actually…I like the berry stuff better. Sorry.

  • It may be on clearance but that’s because only a few can handle its sweet peardise taste. I will continue to chew with confidence.

  • Haha! the simple things. Congratulations on your win!!

  • Wait, wait, wait. Why on earth is gum on clearance in the first place?

  • I’d say that you lost. If two things taste as good as each other and one costs less, that’s a savings. Otherwise, I’d love to see you a scrap of clothing that I say will make you super cool, but only if you pay $5000 for it. It’s the price that makes it cool, after all!

  • ^ Things go on clearance though as an incentive for people to buy it. Because the gum itself is not enough of an incentive to get itself of the shelf. Where as Sarah’s gum, is delicious enough, that people buy it with out that extra incentive. Therefore, she wins.

  • That is SO true, the more something costs, the better it is.

    It’s science.

    Congrats on your win!

  • The Sweet Watermelon is my favorite gum! In a bachlorette party accident I spilled half a bottle of champaigne in my purse and soaked a pack of it completely. I didn’t throw it away – who wastes perfectly good gum – but let it dry and let me just tell you…it tasted even better!

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