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Take Five

Seeing mom-and-pop shops close are always a little difficult to see, but this particular instance is downright heartbreaking for me. Take Five was my grandma’s favorite place to take her grandchildren.

As a child I spend two weeks out of every summer in Murray with my grandma. No brothers, no parents, just grandmother and granddaughter bonding time. These two weeks were my favorite time of the year. Twelve of those fourteen days were exactly the same: each morning my grandma and I would drive to Take Five for her morning Coke and a milkshake for me. I ordered vanilla every single time. My grandma, bless her heart, tried time and time again to talk me into ordering something more exciting than vanilla, but I always refused. I liked the comfortable feeling of the exact same taste day after day. Vanilla was my safety net.

Since her death I’ve learned that the reassuring flavor vanilla is still great, but sometimes you need to spice things up with another flavor. Last weekend my brother Ben and I went to Take Five for the last time. I ordered my milkshake and this time, just for my grandma, I ordered chocolate, and you know she was right. It was the best fucking milkshake I’ve ever tasted.


  • Oh man, their shakes were the best! I didn’t know they were going out of biz, or I might have gotten me one.

  • Oh NO! This is exactly why I’m quitting my job in Murray. I just can’t work in Murray if I can’t get a sloppy joe with deliciously salty crinkle cut fries right around the corner.

  • Sadly, the fall of Troll and Pop stores has affected all of us very deeply 🙂

    I too recall, with great clarity, Take Five. Ah the first time I put that store upon my phonograph, I felt a jazzy tap-tap-tappin of my feet like none other. And their milkshakes! The best milk I ever shaked, if I do say so myself. And I’ve shaken many a-milk in my day, some milks which you would have no idea, chocolate, vanilla, or otherwise.

    Alack, I’ve said too much.

  • That brought tears to my eyes… I miss my grandfather, and I am glad I’m not the only one who does things in honor of someone I loved dearly.

  • Lo and I went there for the last time the other day. Cheeseburgers with tomato, and shared an order of fries and a chocolate shake. She alternates between that and marshmallow. Hearing old timers in there talking about how often they went and how much they loved the place made me wish we’d gone there more but at the same time glad we hadn’t made it too much of a tradition because it would be so missed.

  • That is sad.
    More and more the bigger companies are monopolizing our economy.
    I hate it.

  • Y’know, it’s possible the owners simply want to retire. It happens.

    However, if they’re going out of business because of lack of $$, I’m afraid I’m going to point at their supposedly “loyal” customer base and ask why they weren’t more loyal. Y’all control your wallets, not major corporations. You should have paid the extra $0.23 for a burger there instead of throwing your money at Carl’s Jr.

    I’m just sayin’…

  • Hey, I stayed at your grandma’s once. With Matt, b/c we were going to the LIVE concert. Good times.

  • Umm, I thought EVERYONE knew that chocolate milkshakes are the best kind. Well, I guess we all gotta learn it sometime…

  • So you should go to Hook and Ladder.. Sadly (for me) they won’t be closing anytime soon.. All though I MIGHT burn it to the GROUND. MIGHT.

  • So, I’m a few weeks late and more than a few dollars short on this comment. But, reading that Take Five was closing down was like a part of my childhood was taken from me.

    I remember playing in the Murray Rec. Leagues at Hillcrest Jr. High and my mom would take me for a shake there if we won to celebrate and if we lost to cheer me up. Or go there after going to the Murray Pool while we waited for our dad to come pick us up.

    Well, long story short…that sucks they closed. At least Iceberg is still open.

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