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Tears are Not an Option

One childhood memory stands above all others. I remember crying over something absolutely ridiculous as a kid, you know, because that’s what kids do.

My dad looked at me and said, “Sarah what’s your last name?”

I managed to stop the sobbing long enough to whisper, “Nielson.”

“That’s right. You’re a Nielson. We are strong and don’t cry.”

I’m sure he was trying to get me to shut the hell up because we were in public. What he didn’t know, at the time, was that moment and phrase would forever be ingrained into my memory.

Refusing to cry is not a healthy behavior, I know. I cry on occasion, but usually at home over a tub of ice cream, never in public, and especially never in a movie. Obviously I’m broken, so there’s no need to point that out. I get it. I also get that I need to fix this behavior. Probably with therapy and vodka. Until that happens I found a solution.

Last night I saw “The Blind Side” with my friend Susan. The movie melted my heart repeatedly. Enter solution: Every time I felt like crying I looked at Susan and demanded her to cry. She did, because that’s what good friends do.

The only problem with this temporary fix is the convenience factor. I’m going to have to arrange all emotion around Susan’s schedule. This will be incredibly difficult around the holidays, so no one is allowed to get hurt, die or invite me to a wedding until January. Capish?


  • You are not alone! My SO crys through me like you did with Susan…..not only that….he thinks it is SO interesting that when I start crying at a movie he keeps looking at me instead of the screen. Like it is intriguing yet alien:)

  • Sar, I’m honestly a little jealous! I cry at the drop of a hat! The other day I was reading an email to my mom and started bawling, it’s not always a good thing to be able to cry! If you ever need someone to cry for you though, I got ya covered, say the word, and tears will flow!

  • I can’t wait until both of your periods sync up. That will make some fun blog post reading!

  • Isn’t it crazy how the things our parents tell us stick with us through adulthood regardless of whether or not we agree with them? I remember my dad was a stickler for finishing everything on your plate and to this day I catch myself stuffing my face, even though I am full, because I have to finish everything on my plate. Luckily I have figured a loop hole just like you did, which is to give what I can’t finish to the BF. That way the plate is still clean!

  • I saw that movie this weekend. I never once felt like crying. Susan will have to balance my tears deficit, too.

    I’m with Summer on the plate-cleaning. Cardinal rule in my household. That’s why it’s not really my fault that I ate half a pie on Monday. Just cleaning the plate. As I was always commanded.

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