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Technology can kiss my ass!

I downloaded a new application for my iPhone yesterday. Vlingo is a free service that enables voice activated web searches. I’m not a patient person, so while it downloaded on my phone I tested it out on a co-worker’s phone.

Because I’m a narcissist I searched my own name, but because I mumble at times my results didn’t exactly reflect Sarah Nielson. Instead I ended up with this search:

Now I know that “but” and “butt” are different words, but I’m just a tad sensitive about butts lately. Those damn holidays are directly responsible for my jeans not fitting as they should. When I gain any weight it goes straight to my ass. How an iPhone knew that is beyond me. Smart phones indeed.


  • I suppose the real test would be trying me name. If the search yeilds the same results, then we expose the technology for the evil it really is…

  • Keep posting those so I will literally laugh my holiday ass off!

  • I know what you mean. The first person that LinkedIn recommended I should connect with is a woman I’d previously hooked up with and hadn’t seen or spoken to, let alone thought of, in years. I didn’t even have any of her contact information. How do these apps know these things?

  • You should be in the next Beyoncé video!!!

    I have the Google™ voice recognition app?

    Every time I say something into it I just get the response “Doofus” or “Kumquat”. Then I realized I had the IQ-meter function turned on… I hid my iPhone under my mattress ever since.

  • Perhaps this explains why my Tivo suggested I might like to record the show Ruby on the Style Channel.

  • So if “Sarah” sounds like “big butt” to the iPhone, do you think “Andi” would sound like “Effing Ginormous Ass”??

  • And you think I should get an iPhone why? I don’t think my self esteem can handle an iPhone.

  • Ditto Eric. Google will be nicer to you, I promise.

  • Hee hee hee..Sorry, hee hee..That is too funny….

    ps. I need this for my iPhone..Robin will probably sound like ‘Big Ass Nose’

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