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Technology is for Suckers

And I am one of those suckers.

Yesterday was the Christmas for nerds. My office nerds stayed close to their desks the entire day. Not only because they had to watch every moment of the Apple World Wide Developers Conference, but also because they needed to hide their raging boners under their desks.

I wish I were kidding. My nerds LOVE new Apple products.

I didn’t watch the conference online with them because I don’t live in my mother’s basement and I don’t play Dungeons & Dragons. Though I was interested in the new products released because, really, who isn’t?  Luckily I was just able to get the nerd recap.

“Did they talk about the new iPhone?”


“Does it look any different?”

“No, Sarah, but it has a 3 megapixel camera that can tap to focus. It has video now. And you can even on the phone. Plus voice control and a much better battery life. It’s amazing.”

“Ugg… now I need a new iPhone and it’s not even different!”

Curse you Apple! I am convinced I need a new phone, which I don’t. And it doesn’t even come in pink or with a glitter option. Ridiculous. Every new product should come with the promises of glitter.


  • This is why I refuse to accept technology at least until it has been out for a couple of years. I will take your old iphone and you can buy the new one, which I hear is a lot cheaper. Everybody wins!

  • Yeah, basically it has everything it should have had in the first place. Haha! Fanboys…

    Look, don’t get it, you don’t need it. There really isn’t that much more stuff that should influence you to spend the hundreds of dollars on it. You still have a contract for the first one I presume, so you either have to get a new account and contract, and pay for both. Or pay out the butt for just the iPhone and no contract. Ridiculous! I like Apple, but this is stupid. lol

    Yes, I’m a nerd as well. 😛

    p.s. – I agree that everything should have a glitter option. Glitter is the secks.

  • Mega what? Seriously, I don’t understand nerds.

  • I’ll be nice here.. but it still baffles me how Apple’s Marketing keeps their fans so excited and positive.

    Geniusly evil. 🙂

  • i got an iphone last week. right before they dropped the price. curses

  • If life came with a glitter option, I would be MUCH happier.

  • Did you not see my tweet stream yesterday? My boner was HUGE.

  • totally with you on the glitter option

  • What we really need is for AT&T to fix their 3G network – I don’t care how nice the new iPhone is… it will still be slow and drop calls.

  • obviously…i’m married to a nerd

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