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Televised Purse Envy

I took part in a local news show called On the Record with Chris Vanocur. Also on the show were Jon and Heather Armstrong. It airs Sunday, but you can watch the video here.

When I was told the writer of Dooce was taking part I was pissed. This meant I would have to switch out my purse. I mean, sure, I thought it would be cool to meet her since we have so much in common—we both watch “The Hills” and I have a feeling she knows the super secret that I do: THE SHOW IS REAL, DAMN IT!

But the purse issue took precedence!

A couple of months ago George! sent me an article about his cousin Heather (Dooce) I couldn’t get past the picture to read the article. Her purse was incredible, and I knew I had to have it. And really can you blame me? The retro style print is amazing and those colors? Perfect for spring!

After hours of unsuccessfully searching online I gave up. The next day I couldn’t get that purse off my mind. I convinced myself the purse and I were totally meant to be. And we must have been, because I finally found it and immediately ordered it.

I knew it was a risk as I live in the same city as Heather, but I figured the chances of me ever running into her were slim. I forgot to take into consideration the gods of fate hate me, because a few days later she posted the purse in her daily style section. Within a day the purse was sold out.

The next day a friend of mine complimented the purse and said that it looked familiar. OF COURSE IT DID, because it was posted online for millions of Dooce readers to see. The purse is now fondly referred to as the “Dooce ruined my life” purse. Despite the fact half the world now owns the purse I still carry it daily. So, you’ll understand my annoyance at having to switch purses for the filming. After all, nothing says crazy stalker like showing up with the exact same bag as an Internet rock star.


  • I am a loyal follower of Dooce and funny story, because I wanted that purse too! But as you mentioned it sold out within a day…I did, however, order the lime green & white striped one and have gotten a million compliments on it.

  • I know this makes me a huge nerd for admitting this, but I was excited to see you, dooce, and blurb all in the same interview. I only made it 10 minutes in when I realized that I should probably watch the rest of it on my own time. You know, when I’m not at work.

  • Nice interview Sarah. I hope The Kids braced the server for the incoming wave of visitors from dooce.com

  • This is one reason I love Etsy so much. It generally keeps everyone else in my biology class from showing up in the same t-shirt.

    However, I have a good friend I shop with who has very similar taste and every now and then we’ll see a great bag from across the store and one of us will yell “DIBS!” which is the story of why we can’t go to Macy’s anymore.

  • It would have been funny if you had brought the purse, and then rolled your eyes and said, “great – now EVERYONE has this thing!”

    Good interview – came here by way of blurb and dooce. Congrats!

  • Wish I could have known Dooce was going to link you. Server held up pretty good though. I changed some settings and the server is doing much better now. Load is only around 10 now instead of over 60 like it was at one point.

    Good job on the interview. And you beat Heather since the host had a thing for you. I didn’t see it though since I mostly listened and didn’t really watch. Haha.

  • WindyCityWineLover

    Came here by way of dooce, great segment.

    Good to see my very good friend Mr Vanocur with a crush, oh how I miss him!

    Excellent read on your other posts; will definitely stop in regularly.

  • Another by way of Dooce – GREAT show!

  • You are, of course fired.

    I can’t think of a specific reason why, but it’ll come to me.

  • I am excited for you! Good job!

  • I still like “The Hills” even if it’s staged.

  • Love dooce, even more excited to know your blog exists. We are blog whores…Can’t wait to read more.
    http://www.ladiosadevino.com – check us out sometime.

  • It was great to see you live! – unlike “the Hills”, which is staged.

  • Is it time for BFF pj night or what?!

  • I love your blog! Just came by from visiting Dooce, and am so excited to have a new blog to kill time with! Greetings from San Francisco!

  • Great interview, but man does Vanocur sound like a douchebag.

  • kudos to you! excellent job!

  • Lovely interview…it’s weird to see online personalities actually speaking…like robots.

  • LOVE IT! I just saw this on Dooce and had to come by and say hello. I love how Heather points out the man’s HUGE CRUSH on you.

  • Ended up here from dooce’s link… stalked a bit… one eyed pug, hills, and sarcasm! Ill be back!!!

  • Who the hell is Dooce? YOU are hot. YOU are THE blogger I adore. YOU are the one.


  • Hey, I found you through Dooce’s blog.
    Any chance you’ll blog on the whole Texas polygamy thing? So interesting and I figure as a former Mormon, you’d have a little inside track.

  • Woah, that guy was staring at you like a kid stares a a fat lady with a bag of cookies in a grocery store checkout line.

    So, how did you score a seat next to the Armstrongs?

  • I found your site through the link on dooce’s site. Holy crap – you are my new favorite! (don’t tell dooce) I have been having fun reading all your old posts. But now I’m wondering…..I am 30 something, I am a mormon girl who is no longer mormon, I’m cute, Im funny in real life….so why don’t I have a funny blog? Dang – Ive really got to work this out. I bet I am actually funnier than you in real life…..I just need to figure out how to translate that to writing. Any tips?

  • I heart you.

  • I posted wanting one of angela adams purses for my birthday on my blog and they didn’t sell out. Oh wait that’s because like 10 people read my blog. That and nobody bought me the damn purse for my birthday anyways. I’m sure you look cuter with the purse.

  • I just watched your video – and as a video producer myself – have to say there’s nothing more uncomfortable to watch than an uncomfortable host… But it’s funny – it makes me think that I know him… That his home is very neat – and that Mr. Vanocur would never own a dog…

  • Holy crap. He’s so mystified by the whole concept of a blog. Dude needs to get out more.

  • Came via dooce (and the TV interview clip) – just checking things out.

    If I had known you were there all this time I would have been reading you daily too. I’ll definitely be back.

  • That interviewer was so complimentive of you. How nice.

    And isn’t Jon so hott!? Lucky Heather.

    And I’ve never seen the Hills. I don’t have TV :(

  • Oh, yeah…I totally remember that purse on her website. I loved it, too!

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