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That's What She Said

Here is my column for this week: “That’s What She Said.”

The issue for this week is all about NYE, if you live locally and want to check out what’s going on do that here.  I would, but I’m trying to find an excuse to stay home that night.  So far I’ve got: 1) I’m snowed in, and 2) I’m grounded.

Both excuses are sort of lacking, but people stopped believing me when I told them I was too scared of Hannibal Lecter to leave my house.


  • We’re staying warm and safe in our house, along with the siblings. They’re not even going to make me go out to drive them home this year! You’re more than welcome to join us.

  • My 1999 NYE involved a last minute road trip to Southern California for a Jimmy Buffett concert at $500 a ticket.

    New Year’s day (or late afternoon) we decided not to head home to Utah but to drive south until it got warm. Within 48 hours we were in Cabo San Lucas. We hung out with a gangbanger from Englewood one night and went to a party hosted by Sammy Hagar the next.

    At some point my wallet was stolen. Since my family wired me more than enough money to get home and the hotel room was already on my credit card we decided to stay a few more days.

    I got back to Utah on January 8th driving on fumes without an I.D. and about $5 cash and $250 in pesos.

    Those were good times!

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