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That's What She Said

Read my first column of the New Year: “That’s What She Said.” I’m sort of over resolutions so this column explains what I’ve decided to do instead.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. I spent mine with good food and my BFFs. Couldn’t ask for more.


  • First…..football season is almost over. Deal with it.

    Second…thanks for ruining the ending of those movies. Now I have absolutely no reason to see either. You ruin everything.

    Third….tattoo removal IS free. You just have to be an ex-gang member on parole. I think it would be totally worth it to go that route.

    Finally…..that article was hilarious.

  • Ok, not only do I agree with every single one of your wishes (except the one about Kel because I don’t have to listen to her talk about football, therefore she does not annoy me) but I was pleased to see that you chose the correct wine to display in that image. When you’re able to get Yellow Tail out of your kitchen faucet, call me and I’ll be right over.

  • Yeah, I would have appreciated a spoiler alert myself. Psh!

    And your wishes made my happy place tingle. Seriously, I’ll hold Mariah Carey down while you tell her.

  • Kel and Cat:

    EVERYONE knows the dog died in “Marley & Me.” I’ve never seen the movie and I know that. It’s based on a book that everyone talked about a few years ago. As for the Brad Pitt movie that one is pretty obvious isn’t it?

    You’re both fired. Beloved, but fired.

  • If you want wine from the tap, you missed out by not living in Italy.


  • Tear the roof off the sucka.

  • really though.. so good that you couldn’t ask for more?

    i’m le jealous.

  • Wishes? This may be what she said, but I said the same thing two years ago.

  • Well, resolutions are for quitters and nobody likes a quitter so I say bravo for the wishes!

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